Why Koreans leaders in Russia.


The reason is quite simple. Today, the two Korean brands of Hyundai and Kia have been heading the ratings of the Russian car market for many years.

Somehow, unnoticedly flashed in the news feed, information that an updated Kia Picanto car started at the Kaliningrad Plant «Avtotor». And everything would be in this information would be usual if it were not for one circumstance that attracted the attention of our channel.

Today, Kia brand is the leader in the segment of foreign cars in the Russian automotive market. Last year, 201 thousand cars of the Korean brand were sold, and his share was 12% of the domestic car market. What is the reason for such crazy popularity? We will look at this success on the other side.

But first I would like to remind you that from the Kaliningrad «Avtotor», if you have a little attentive, there are constantly messages about the launch of the production of a particular model of the Korean car concern Kia. Here is chronology lately. In early 2019, the Kaliningrad plant «Avtotor» began assembling representative

In October of the same 2019, Kaliningrad plant «Avtotor» began the release of the third generation of crossover

It turns out that almost the entire range of Kia is produced in Kaliningrad. As not paradoxically, this is one of the essential components of the brand’s success in Russia. In addition, in St. Petersburg at the Khönde Motor Manufecturing Rus factory, the bestseller brand Sedan is released

So what attracted our attention? The thing is that

But another 7 years ago on this dimensional class A accounted for 2% of sales. In a favorable 2012, 56 thousand cars were sold in general. True, then the leader was another — Daewoo Matiz car with a result of 33 thousand cars sold.

What is the reason for the declining interest in the cars of the smallest dimensional class A? Everything is simple. Just look at the price tag of the same Kia Picanto. The cost of the novelty will be from 819.9 thousand rubles. up to 1 million 114.9 thousand rubles. For the same amounts you can buy a class of higher class.

But still in the air is the question. Why start production in Kaliningrad such a non-indoor car? And everything is explained simply. The fact is that part of KIA cars on the «Avtotor» is produced by the so-called screwdriver, or rather the method of «complicated dummy» — SKD-4. Because of the border, the finished body, welded and painted, and 3-4 thousand components to it come, and in the shops on the Autotor conveyor, they collect a car. According to such a scheme and will collect Kia Picanto and the other listed models Carnival, Stringer, etc. Therefore, it is possible to get rid and a small number of cars collected. The main thing is to meet the parameters of the so-called «complicated screwdriver» SKD-4. Because it is necessary to the enterprise «Avtotor» to obtain benefits under the Federal Law of the Federal Law «On the Special Economic Zone in the Kaliningrad Region». What kind of benefits in this topic will not deepen. They are very essential for the economy of the enterprise.

But here is an interesting moment. And here are cars like

Enterprise in Kaliningrad in this sense is unique. It made it possible to localize the entire model line Kia in Russia. Yes not only kia, also here in Kaliningrad is conducted

However, today the specialized ministry of industry and trade of the Russian Federation does not welcome the Kaliningrad model in the Russian automotive industry. No wonder when signing a special attachment to Avtotor, there was a duty that in a few years more than half of the vehicles will be released on the full cycle with welding and color to increase the localization of the output models.

It is noteworthy to recoup the investment in creating a full cycle, you need to produce at least 30 thousand cars per year. At the same time last year, only sales of the model approached this level.

Of course, the most rainbow perspectives among this model line at Kia Seltos crossover. Last year, he strongly prevented a number of factors, such as «Catchy» crisis, some «children’s diseases» due to which a break occurred. In the current year, he will hope to achieve much large market results. Already in January of this year, the model ranked 11 in the SUV class, bypassing such classmates as Nissan Qashqai and Skoda Karoq. But, while Kia Seltos has become a «killer» Hyundai Creta. To achieve this goal, it is necessary to increase sales three times.