Why all the «killers» Lada are doomed to slip


Often, for the sake of «Red Slong», car journalists are appointed one, then another new, which is on sale at the car market, a «killer» model of a popular car. For example, at the beginning of this year, the automotive news belt was picked by names that Kia Seltos would be a «killer» of the popular Hyundai Creta crossover. But today at the end of the year you can already state the accomplished fact that Kia Seltos did not become a «killer», and even actually did not pierce his Korean «relative». Dry figures of statistics about this tell us. If for 11 months of the current difficult year in Russia, 66 478 Hyundai Creta cars were implemented, and the KIA SELTOS indicators are very highly modest — only 10,971 pieces. The gap is obvious I.

But today it will be about another application. She has a fairly longer story. She began two years ago, when in the Russian Federation decided to return cars of the Uzbek assembly, but under

And in March of the current 2020, Russian car news feeds have actively replicated the news that the American giant General Motors and Uzbek automaker Uzauto Motors decided to start selling cars previously represented in our country under the Ravon brand, but now with the Chevrolet logo. Apparently failures with the conclusion to the Russian market of an unknown brand some of the partners taught. There is no longer before the «murder» of Lada as the most popular brand in the Russian Federation.

Recently, Uzauto Motors received the right under certain conditions to start selling the Chevrolet car segment for a number of markets, including the Russian market. To do this, in Russia in February 2020, Keles Rus was created — «daughter» Uzauto Motors.

Already in March, Chevrolet Spar, Nexia and Cobalt, produced in Uzbekistan and Kazakhstan began to enter Russia. Their coming to the market coincided with the regime of self-insulation (due to coronavirus), car dealerships did not work, so it is difficult to judge how successful sales could be. But today, after removing all restrictions, there are already dry figures of statistics.

According to the press service of Keles Rus, from June 15 to December 17, 2020, Bestseller became the C-class sedan C-Class COVROLET COBALT with a result of 634 cars sold. In second place, the four-door Nexia (modernized Chevy Aveo) with a result of 240 cars. Hatchback A-Class Spark has developed a circulation of 127 units. TOTAL — 1001 CHEVROLET sold.

This result is incoming with more than 300,000 sold cars LADA since the beginning of the year.

And the strategic plan of «Keles Rus» is available. So, starting at the start of sales of everything from two car dealers, in five months the company increased the network to 30 dealerships. Now sales of the Chevrolet mass segment are carried out in the 26 largest cities of the country. Negotiations are underway with 20 new partners. And in the nearest plans, Chevrolet state employees will be sold at about 130 car dealerships. This is a serious challenge Lada, which has three hundred car dealers in the country.

Bestseller brand

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