Who will export Russia to the future


A number of new models come to the cargo market, how they change its configuration and what to expect builders and freight

Competition — Accounting Course

The construction dump truck market is perhaps the most dynamic and competitive segment on the domestic cargo market. Today, his role has grown in connection with the implementation of the national project «Safe and Qualitative Roads 2.0», as well as its mediated role playing programs of preferential mortgage, spurring the development of the housing construction market.

Traditionally, this niche is occupied by KAMAZ and MAZ building dump trucks, as well as Chinese trucks. According to the results of the last 2020, 4,682 KAMAZ-6515 and 3257 dump trucks of KAMAZ-6580 were implemented in the country. This is the lion’s share of the dump truck market. Other models are implemented in significantly smaller quantities. But soon, Kamaz trucks will have a very powerful competitor.

In the spring, the serial release of the new building dump truck «Ural» C35.510 will begin. This was stated in Miass when summing up the last year.

Today, the «Ural» car factory stopped entering the GAZ Group. He has a new owner — «United Engineering Group». New owners have big plans about the future of the domestic producer of trucks and all-terrain vehicles. The investment program in Miass is estimated at 6 billion rubles. If last year managed to collect more
8,000 Ural trucks, then for several years plan to reach 14,000 trucks per year. And the dump trucks in this manufacturing strategy assigned a significant role.

On November 30 last year in Sochi, the new dump truck «Ural» C35.510 was represented by the official dealers of the Urals brand. Later he was presented at home, in Miass, for factory workers and local media.

In fact, the Ural automotive plant in the year of its 80th anniversary throws a glove at once to several automakers.
And above all, Kamsky auto giant, whose dump trucks dominate construction sites and road construction facilities of the Russian Federation. And then then the Belarusian Mase and Chinese dump trucks.

What is a new domestic dump truck? The novelty is denoted by the «Ural» index C35.510, it is set to an upgraded IVECO hard cabin with an updated interior. «Ural» C35.510 is equipped with a 420-strong NMZ-653 engine and a mechanical 12-speed Fast Gear 12JS220TA gearbox, leading bridges — 13-ton Chinese Hande Axle. When equipped with a weight of 13.800 kg, the load capacity is 21.200 kg. The volume of the dumping platform is 20 cubic meters.

Kamaz has two dump trucks of similar lifting capacity. This is KAMAZ-6520-21010-53 ARX with «KAMAZ» 400-strong engine and K4 cab. Another model in this segment —

KAMAZ-6520-001-49 (B5) ARX with a 390-power engine Cummins ISL400 50. It also cabin K4 from Mercedes-Benz Axor. Both dump trucks have an example of the same load capacity — 20.900 kg and 21,000, respectively.

The Kama giant has a more modern and slightly more load-lifting model — KAMAZ-6580. It is equipped with a Mercedes-Benz Om 457LA.v / 3 engine, developing power 401 hp. Its carrying capacity is 25.5 tons with a total of 41 tons.

Can the new «Ural» win a place in the domestic market of building dump trucks? Market laws have not yet been canceled, and the sharper competition, the better for the product consumer.

How KamAZ moved «Big European Seven»

The most «breakthrough» family of trucks KAMAZ generation K4 will leave the Russian market in 2024. This follows from the statement by the Director General of the Kamsky Auto Giant Sergey Kogogina. Thus, the decade of generation of the K4 K4, during which the domestic automaker managed to make a jerk and even reformat the domestic freight market, will be completed in three years.

Generation of the KAMAZ K4 family is the result of working with the German partner Daimler AG. It all started at the beginning of the decade. In one of the long-time interviews, CEO Sergey Kogogin said: «Until recently, in the main tractor segment, we were weakly presented. It was decided to withdraw a qualitative product that meets all consumer requirements. The KAMAZ-5490 car is one of the directions to strengthen our position in the market. This product is one of the measures that will contribute to the holding of the position of KamAZ. » Recall that KAMAZ has invested about 6 billion rubles to the project of a new main tractor. The new model should have allowed to increase the plant’s stake in the trunk tractor segment in the Russian market from 2-5% to 25%.

If you calculate the share of the KAMAZ-5490 model in the Russian market of the sample truck 2020, it turned out to be 22%. That is, the planned goals are actually achieved.

Increased attention of cargo transporters to the KAMAZ-5490 trunk tractor is due to its technical characteristics and consumer properties. And on their own, without partnership with the leading global manufacturer of cargo equipment Daimler to achieve them would be impossible.

The KAMAZ-5490 trunk tractor is equipped with a comfortable cab of MERSDES-BENZ AXOR family with air conditioning and heated seats modified by the KAMAZ chassis system. As a force unit, a row six-cylinder engine MERSDES-BENZ OM457LA with a capacity of 428 hp, which meets the standards «Euro-5». Russian tractor has the lowest cost in the main car niche and successfully competes with imported analogues. Special demand car uses transport companies. In addition, KAMAZ increased to 80 thousand km interval interval for KAMAZ-5490 cars operated in the Russian Federation.

An important moment for tractors that are used on long-distance transportation. A new set of high comfort seats was developed for the KAMAZ-5490 car cab. Cabinoxomplekt for KAMAZ-5490 car, consisting of a new driver’s seat and passenger seat, have a number of advantages compared to those that are produced serial. Among them — adjustment in height in the range of 90 mm with the memory effect of the last setting, the increased range of the back of the back to 32 degrees, as well as pneumatic lumbar support, having two independent adjustment zones, adjustable over the angle of inclination of the folding armrest and others. Also, new seats are equipped with the «EXIT» key, which allows the driver when leaving the cabin to lower the suspension as low as possible.

But today it is too early to talk about the completion of the production of K4. He has 4 years of life cycle ahead. It is planned to continue the development of a model range of gas engine equipment, including the plans for the sale of 1 thousand gas major tractors KAMAZ-5490 on CPG and LNG. As Sergey Kogogin recently told in an interview, when they were created without errors. «The average tractor on the liquefied natural gas (LNG) we first collected with a stroke of 650 kilometers, and the client requested a minimum of 1.2 thousand. Installing the second tank with re-certification took extra half a year, but the result was worth it. The infrastructure of LNG in the country is absolutely not developed, but «ITEO» puts these cars on the shoulder of St. Petersburg-Moscow, which is provided with refueling, «said Sergey Kogogin. The tractor should have mastered a fairly large cargo traffic from the port of St. Petersburg. The first test races showed excellent economic efficiency. As a result, «Iteo» acquired 300 such tractors.

As you know, now KAMAZ produces cars of three families: K3, K4 and K5. And naturally arises the question of the oldest family of K3. Cogogin talks about the reasons for the preservation of KAMAZ classics: «From K3 we, unfortunately, cannot refuse: firstly, the power structures, they are still on the old model range, secondly, of course, the price positioning of these machines is especially in the communal In agriculture — it still remains key, and we are forced to support it. » Thus, the following strategic line of behavior of the Kama auto giant is evaporated.