Want to drive 770 km on one charging?


Such an indicator has not yet achieved a single modern electric car. But the main «highlight» is not only in solid run without «additional nutrition». The car exceeded

Of course, professionals recognize leadership in the «Aerodynamics» segment for the Lucid Air Electrocar.

Comprehensive success

To achieve high aerodynamic parameters (coeff. Resistance is only 0.2 against 0.21 at LUCID AIR)

This is how the lounge will look like:

But «not the wind one»

A sedan, fully operating due to electrical energy, is able to pass without charging up to 770 km. This is a result that exceeds the stroke of the majority of gasoline cars. This possibility was provided by the installation on the Mercedes-Benz EQS electric vehicle of a powerful battery — 107.8 kW * h. Of course, the manufacturer provided and a more modest (respectively, cheap) option — the battery with a capacity of 90 kW * h (its charge should be enough for 640 km of way).

To ensure high capacity and battery power Designers EQS used Lithium-ion elements of the NCM 811 brand. Here the cathode material is formed from the following elements: nickel, cobalt, manganese. (Component ratio of 8: 1: 1). 8 or 10 such modules can be installed on the car, which is to ensure the package of versions by 107.8 and 90 kW * h.

To maintain the specified block temperature, a special liquid control system is used (coolant flows through the cavities of aluminum battery frame profiles).

Technical Specifications Mercedes-Benz EQS

Designers of the famous autoconecern provided models with front or full drive! To implement such a project, an electric vehicle is equipped with one or, respectively, two electric motors. The rear-wheel drive Mercedes-Benz EQS power will be equal to 245 kW (which corresponds to 333 hp)., Accordingly, the price will be lower than that of the all-wheel drive model. For auto 4WD, this parameter is 385 kW or 523 hp.

So choose will be from what.

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