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The government again retreated in the fight against the import of Japanese used

In December of the current year, a temporary preferential regime of the importation of right-hand drives without installing the Era-Glonass emergency call system was supposed.

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustine on Thursday, December 3, ordered to extend the import of right-hand drives to the Far Eastern Federal District (DFO) without the «Era Glonass».

«Temporary order applies to used right-hand drivers purchased for personal needs. Australists registered on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District (DFO) will be able to take advantage of the Far Eastern Federal District (DFOs), as well as those who plan to move to permanent residence, «the press service of the government is specified.

For the first time, the simplified import of used cars without the equipment of the Russian emergency response system for an accident was introduced for Far Easterns in 2018 by order of Medvedev’s premiere.

The fact is that thousands of closer cars have accumulated at the customs terminals of Primorye, which could not be issued to the owners. The material database did not have time to prepare. Private traders, small and medium auto business suffered losses. As a result, it all resulted in a wave of mass discontent of the population of the Far Eastern District, and even on the eve of the election of the governor of the Primorsky Territory. The Government of Dmitry Medvedev in December 2018 temporarily suspended the requirements for the installation of Era-Glonass.

Since then, this regime is constantly extended by the government, and the Far East became the only region of the country in which the government is not possible to ensure the mandatory installation of the Blocks «Era Glonass» on imported cars.

Although the auto-business, which imports car from Japan by parties, is still forced to install it.

But in early November of this year, Motorists of Primorye were encountered with another problem, which paralyzed imports of Japanese right-order foreign cars — the electronic passport of the vehicle (EPTS), which is no longer customs, and the certification laboratories authorized by Rosaccreditation.

The government has long been protecting the national car market from the mass import of used machines, however, it is not possible to solve this problem with the Far East.

ERA-GLONASS and electronic TCPs should also reduce the number of urgent foreign cars from Japan. But for many years of Japanese domination at the car market, the DFO, the driver’s and consumer culture of the «Right Steering» — and power, or by administrative methods, it was impossible to change it, so the authorities are trying to complicate this import as much as possible. Historically, it so happened that residents in the Far East prefer to bring a used Japanese machine for themselves, and not buy a new dealer. The new car market is not sufficiently developed, compared with the European part of the country, and even with the neighboring Siberian Federal District. In addition, the service sector serves such cars here.

The government is forced to extend the preferential regime of the importation of right-hand drives, fearing protests in the Far East, which have repeatedly happened here. Especially on the eve of elections to the State Duma next year.

Therefore, with a high probability, it can be assumed that simplified customs and administrative regimes will continue to be extended for Far Easterns until the levicultural cars displacing Japanese imports naturally. And it will be no soon.

Some statistics. From January to October 2020 Russians

More than half (53%) of all purchased machines with the right steering

But here it is necessary to make a reservation. The fact is that the familiar sedan Toyota Corolla from the car dealership is another car. On the Japanese Islands, their Corolla, which the global model relates only the name and module of the climate installation. The local model was created on a stretched Yaris hatchback platform and a much more compact auto-show sedan. Also, in addition to the Corolla Axio sedan, there is a Corolla Fielder wagon in the Japanese gamma. The Japanese family in 2015 was subjected to restyling in 2015. But usually in the course of our car enthusiasts are more age-related versions.

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According to experts Avtostat agency, the share of passenger cars with the right wheel in our country accounts for more than 11% of the entire secondary car market.