Russian gas is given a delay for a year


Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska is the owner of one of the largest assets in the Russian automotive industry. It became known that he received another deferment from the sanction removal until January 26, 2022. The former Verdict of the Ministry of Finance USA installed Dedine on March 21, 2021.

The Office for Foreign Activities of the US Department of Finance has long been «nightmare» of the Russian oligarch. In order to preserve the aluminum and energy assets of the country, he had to reduce the share of his shares in Rusal and En +.

Under the sight of the sanctions were also included in the enterprise of the Gas Group. But while the Ministry of Finance of the United States postpones their adoption. In fact, Americans want the main owner of the GAZ Group Oleg Deripaska sold a controlling stake or all enterprise. We will remind, this requirement the American authority put forward almost 3 years ago, but then he was constantly postponed the deadline and continues to postpone the input of these restrictions.

At the same time, the domestic enterprise every quarter passes the US Flight Financial reports. In particular, they indicate all companies with which gas has agreements over $ 5 million. Thus, the overseas Ministry of Finance is known all suppliers to the conveyor.

If the sanctions are still introduced, all American partners will have to complete any cooperation with gas. But in fact, this concerns not only firms from the USA, but also of European suppliers. Accordingly, «Gazelles» and «lawns» can remain without electronic blocks, airbags and other components that are made outside of Russia.

Recall, for example, advanced technologies are widely used in the construction of a truck «Lawn Next». It became possible due to

This dependence on foreign cooperation partners is called critical. Vice President Gas Gas Elena Matveyeva at the November 12th century The round table of the Committee of the Council of the Federation for Economic Policy dedicated to measures to support the development of the automotive industry, noted that domestic component manufacturers who lost the volume necessary for the development of new products turned their production and as a result we have no alternative to critical components. «

Under these conditions, it is decided to save a number of key assets of the GAZ Group. Nothing remained anything else, how to start selling gas assets. However, it all started back in 2018, when negotiations between the owners of the Group and the United Engineering Group (OMG) of Dmitry Strezhnev began. A transaction was closed to acquire gas from a group

The GAZ group is delayed next year. Will the industrial group take advantage of this respite?