Russia left Renault without profit


The saying «The new broom in a new behave» can also be applied to the automotive business. It was this approach that declared a new chief of the French automaker Renault Luka de Meo.

You ask, and where does Russia? Wait, first of what. As you know, at the end of May of the month each of the automakers belonging to

And now it has come to clarify and formulate specific measures to achieve the declared goals. The first was the new chapter Renault Luka de Meo. With a detailed report, he will perform on January 14, but today already from leaks published in solid European publications, such as Automobilwoche we can appreciate this approach.

Let’s start with the fact that the program of fundamental changes is called

Next, the RENAULT model range will be demolished by about 30%. Luka de Meo before his eyes the wonderful experience of another head of Carlos Tavares. He, by the way, the leaving from Renault and today heads Peugeot-Citroen. Already at Tavares and its immediate leadership, when the French PSA group acquired the German Opel, the Opel model line was optimized. Without any consequences. Tavares simply removed from the model gamut unprofitable «Opels», such models as Adam, Karl and Cascada.

Luka de Meo would like to reduce the Renault model range without loss in sales and market coverage. It is not easy: on the oversaturated European market

«Under the knife» most likely, the following models will fall.

The main priority for Luke de Meo — saving costs. In principle, his predecessor as the head of Renault Legendary Carlos Gon, who today hides in Lebanon from Japanese justice, also professed this principle. No wonder it was called the evil languages of Cost Killer — the «killer of expenses».

It is understood that Renault will not spend if you can take a ready-made solution from Japanese colleagues from Nissan or Mitsubishi. Investments in projects will also be reduced, the results of which will be dubious. In principle, we told about the «inner French cuisine.»

And here there is already a remark of Luka de Meo. He noted that

In general, in Russia, the excess of Renault production facilities and the Lada subsidiary. Take a look if at competitors Hyundai-Kia their plant in St. Petersburg works with 100% loading, and in previous years, even with an indicator of 107%, which

Today it is difficult to say what measures will be taken by the new leadership of the French group. But the fact that they will be accepted, no doubt, if the head office announced the priority of profits and inefficiency of investment. Whether it will be a reduction in the Renault model range, or the closure of the Moscow Plant Renault Russia and the transfer of production in Tolyatti, or other savings and optimization measures. Two weeks later we will reveal something. Some details on this score will be launched.