Rather, it’s dead, than alive: Will the new generation of Samsung Galaxy Note next year?


This year, the traditional August presentation of Samsung Galaxy Unpacked has passed without the announcement of the new generation of the Galaxy Note series. Another spring, the South Korean company confirmed actively mutating on the network at that time rumors about the cancellation of the new Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung explained to the deficit of components, allegedly, the company for this reason may simply do not have enough components for all devices and therefore the company’s management considered it necessary to pause the development of the Galaxy Note series. At the same time, Samsung assured fans that this is not the end at all and promised to release a new generation of its legendary phablers next year.

In the official reason for the cancellation of the launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note this year it is difficult to believe. Most likely, the real reason lies in the bad sales of last year’s Samsung Galaxy Note 20 series. And it would be naive to believe Samsung on the word and think that Samsung will definitely release Galaxy Note 21 in 2022 instead of Galaxy S22, as in his petition, Korean brand fans demanded. Moreover, the likelihood is that the days of the Samsung Galaxy Note family are considered and it will go to the «cemetery» removed from the production of devices. The Front Tron insider is inclined to this version, which stated that the new generation of the legendary series will not be next year.

It seems that Samsung Galaxy Note 20 will become the last device in this series and the company does not see sense in its further development. The thing is that the support of the stylus, which for many years remained the exclusive chip of the Galaxy Note series models is now available on other brand devices. Now Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra can work with the SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 Ultra, as well as the folding smartphones Galaxy Z. and Samsung has nothing more to offer something straightening from other flagships for the Galaxy Note series.

And how do you react to the fact that new Samsung Galaxy Note smartphones will no longer? Do you support Samsung’s solution or think that the Galaxy Note series is the best thing on the market?