OnePlus leaves employees after merging with OPPO


The Chinese company OnePlus, which has gained worldwide fame as a manufacturer of flagship killer smartphones, is now undergoing major changes. The change is caused by the merger of the brand with another Chinese company. It’s about OPPO.

Last week, OnePlus announced a merger with OPPO. OnePlus executives are currently cleaning up and restructuring the company. Many experts and OnePlus fans believe that as a result of close rapprochement with OPPO, the Chinese company risks losing its uniqueness over time, turning into one of the sub-brands. Many OnePlus employees are of the same opinion. According to media reports, they began to leave the company en masse.

Many employees at OnePlus India have been fired, according to OnLeaks insider. It is believed that staff purges and changes are provoked by the fact that now all the reins of government have passed to OPPO. The company, under whose wing OnePlus moved, wanting to control everything, took over the management of the subsidiary brand.

It is possible that the co-founder of OnePlus Karl Pei (Karl Pei) was the first to understand what the merger with OPPO threatens. And he seemed to be against and unwilling to participate in such transformations, which was the reason for his departure from OnePlus last fall.

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