New vehicle inspection rules — more expensive and longer


For motorists, we have all the necessary conditions in our country. The roads are shown in the perfect condition, the autobahn knitted the whole country, high-speed routes, the highways, which the whole «backward Europe» envies, together with America. Of course, accidents have become less, the vigorous statistics confidently reports. And our traffic police officers are a sample of crystal purity and decency. They are always ready to assist, but about the bribes they all forgotten, right, at the genome.

So it remains very little to full idyll. Namely — to make some «innovations» in order and rules for passage of inspection. The government has prepared a package of laws that, by the way, from March 1, this year has already entered into force.

I wonder what the «lawmakers» thought about and thinking about the next changes?! Something suggests that not about drivers, at least!

And now — seriously!

What should pay attention to the motorist this spring

The new system of passage of technical inspection, which has earned from 03/01/2021, has been developed and introduced to solve a number of important tasks, namely:

1) Eradication from the process of issuing a diagnostic map of the corruption component.

2) the exclusion of the «fictitious» passage of technical inspection.

Enhance the quality level of vehicles and, accordingly, road safety

Not for anyone a secret that the last 10 years this card can be obtained without showing your car employee’s employee. And this negatively influenced the technical condition of the car and often led to accidents on the roads.

New technical inspection rules

Significant changes can be allocated in 5 main points.

The procedure of the inspection, each arriving on a hundred car, should now be fixed using photographing. And the images before the beginning, and at its end are complemented by geographic coordinates. All materials will be stored in a single database of the EAC.

Now the diagnostic card is mandatory assigned by an electronic signature of a specialist who has conducted an inspection. The card itself also becomes electronic.

If you plan to leave abroad, the document can be printed on a standard sheet of paper.

The more stringent requirements are presented to the car package. Previously, they were also, but softer, loyal. Now, for example, for the absence of a washer tank, they will not simply refuse that, but also can take the car to the stradition.

The rights of the traffic police officers are expanded, which were able to withdraw a car in the event of a fictitious diagnostic card or its absence from a car owner.

Forced delay

The law accepted and immediately began to adjust. The deadline for the hands of the cards extended until October 1.

It turned out that almost half of the service station is not equipped with confixation devices. For commercial vehicles, essential financial investments will be required, allowing you to bring your objects in line with new requirements.

But the government and here everything «thought out»! The maximum cost of the service is fixed at a mark of 1500 rubles. No one has the right to exceed the cost. Will there be a profitable such business, a big question? Experts tend to believe that a considerable part hundred will simply close, without holding competition in new rules.

What will this mean for motorists?

That’s right: an increase in queues, long-lasting expectations and additional excitements …

Undoubtedly, you need to make order. But this is what way?