New president and introduction of guest stages.


Royal auto racing this season survived the coronavirus pandemic and continue to be carried out in the new conditions — with the minimum number of fans.

Despite the fact that the expert on bookmakers

Bosses from Ferrari

The current head of Formula 1 Chase Carey can give up his post to the former head of Ferrari Stefano Domenical. The Racefans edition reports that Carey, who manages the formula since 2017, will remain in the organization, but will take another position. This is evidenced by quotes in bookmakers. In the summer, the chances of the fact that Chase Carey will remain at the helm of the series, were small. But now the coefficients for his care, for example, in

Well, before Domenical, he got into the Ferrari team back in 1991. Having worked for sixteen years, Stefano took the position of the head of the «Scudari». In this post, he changed the president of FIA Jean Todta. Domenicali headed scudy from 2007 to 2014, and now he is the Boss «Lamborgini».

In the company Liberty Media, which owns the rights to Formula 1, refuse to give any comments on the possible purpose of the Domenicale. However, if Stefano receives this position, thus, if Stefano receives the appropriate position, then for the first time F-1 and FIA will lead the former Bosses Ferrari. True, the President of FIA Todt has already said that he will not run for the next period in 2021. Therefore, the joint government in the formula will be short.

What about guest stages?

The events of the 2020 year have led to the idea of their organization, when from Az Pandemic had to repaint the calendar of the season and transfer some stages to other cities, and somewhere to carry out combined races. For example, this season, the World Championship for the first time came to Mugello.

After that, F-1 leaders thought that one Grand Prix would pass on different routes, and they would constantly change with each other. It will help to cover as many trails as possible, where there is an opportunity to hold the Formula 1 race. One of the lobbyists of this idea was the head of the Red Bull Racing team Christian Horner. He believes that the routes without permanent contracts can carry out races at different times. And the F-1 management will set the order.

A big promotional fee can be a problem — now far from all tracks that have the first category can afford to pay the Holder of the Grand Prix. Because of this, the same race in Mugello is unlikely to take place in 2021 — the organizers simply will not pull it, and the discount received in the 2020th, is unlikely to be reopened.