How did MAZ bypassed KAMAZ, and why did this happen in Russia?


Our channel has repeatedly talked about the competition of such manufacturers of the countries of the Customs Union as Russian KAMAZ and Belarusian MAZ. It is interesting to observe how they derive products in the same segments, cars of approximately one carrying capacity and destination. And today we have a reason to look at this permanent battle of two leading automakers of the Russian Federation and RB.

After the trolleybus plant in Engels (Saratov region) ordered a long time to live, the Russian trolleybus industry opened the «second breathing». The Russian Federation is a country with a large number of trolleybus systems in the world. Recall that during the time of Nikita Sergeevich Khrushchev in public transport began to develop trolleybus movement in many cities of the country. To replenish trolleybus parks, the power of the Tolleybus plant named after Uritsky (ZIU) in Engels (up to 2500 units of rolling stock per year) was significantly increased. However, the «slingshot» was not enough. Czech trolley buses Skoda came to the rescue. But they were mainly supplied to the city of Union Republics — Ukraine, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia and the Transcaucasus. The cities of the Russian Federation were provided by cars produced on the banks of the Volga.

After the collapse of the USSR, Czechoslovak production of trolley buses died, having lost large-scale orders from the USSR. Now the place in the countries of the former social value and the Union republics took the Polish manufacturer of Solaris Bus & Coatch, which was able to design and release a wide model range of trolleybuses. But in Russia in the 90s, several trolleybus industries appeared at once. One of them is in Vologda, called «Trans Alfa» and produces the trolleybuses of the Avangard model.

And after the bankruptcy of the Trollez (ZIU), the plant of the plant went to the plant in Engels, which produces Admiral trolley buses. The first tens of cars of this model are already working in Omsk and Lipetsk, where they hit the national

But our story today about Maza and Kamaz. Therefore, we turn to another new Russian manufacturer — namely, the Ufa Tram Trolleybus Plant (UTTZ), located in the capital of Bashkortostan. This is a young enterprise, his birthday is July 8, 2015. How did the two largest truck manufacturers intersect here?

The first samples of Trolleybus Ufimtsy built on the basis of the high-polished bus buses. Neftekamsk, as is well known, is located in the north of Bashkortostan, therefore this choice is natural. The new Trolleybus UTTZ was based on the bodies of the NEPAZ-5299 serial bus. Later began to use the body of a nialfaz semi-liner bus. Trolleybuses called the «City-Dressman» (model Trolleybus UTTZ-6241) and they went to Ivanovo, Almetyevsk, Novokuznetsk, Rostov-on-Don. Such an extensive geography indicates only one thing: there are many trolleybus farms in the country, but there are not enough manufacturers of «horned» transport. Trolza from Engels ordered to live long. Yes, and the poor municipalities cannot update their «horned» transport as its wear and depreciation.

The last distribution of trolley buses from Moscow, where the «horned» transport was replaced by electricians, could not significantly close the needs of the cities of the country. After all, in almost every regional center there is a trolleybus movement, the rolling composition is very worn. The distribution of the capital of trolley buses sometimes acquired an interesting character. Applications of a number of cities were denied, but Saratov at the request of the Soviet Soviet Speaker, who turned to Moscow Maul Sobyanin, received 80 Moscow used trolley buses and even removed the contact network from the capital streets.

But back to Ufa, where the Belarusian MAZ switched to Kamaz. In 2020, the Strategic Partner of UTTZ becomes the management company of the «Belavtomaz» Holding Company. The result of the cooperation was a completely new trolleybus with an index (6241.01). This Ufa «Citizen» uses the boss of the bus MAZ of the second generation. And the supplier of assembly kits is the Belarusian enterprise «Eton-Eltrans». This is a partner MAZ in the manufacture of electric transport.

The new UTTZ-6241.01 «Citizen» can be equipped with one of three traction electric motors: Czech Skoda 4ml 3444 K / 4 or Russian DTA-1U1 and DTA-3U1. Rear axle portal, with double transmission ZFAV 133/80, and the front suspension dependent.

And of course, as today without autonomous stroke. Batteries allow a horned machine to make mileage up to 30 km without a contact network. Capacity of the Minsk-Ufa car 91 passenger, of which 31 are placed on the seats. The configuration of trolleybuses by customer selection: USB sockets, air conditioning in the driver’s cabin, video surveillance system in the cabin, etc.

And most importantly, the new model already finds demand. Uttz won two competitions — on 68 trolleybuses in the capital of Chuvashia — Cheboksary, including 16 trolley buses with an increased autonomous course. And 10 trolley buses in Ufa, with an autonomous move.

At Uttz, they are confident that other regions and cities of the country will be interested in trolley buses, as well as supplies for exports.