From the Urals were waiting for the dump truck killer Kamaz, and another competitor came out


The automotive plant «Ural» recently changed the owner. Now this enterprise is not part of the GAZ Group. In 2019, the Avtozavod passed under the control of Dmitry Strezhnev, the owner of the United Engineering Group (OMG). Today, it is not for anyone that it is not a secret that the gas owner of which is Oleg Deripaska, the owner of the «Damoklov sword» of sanctions. The assets of the Group were included on April 6, 2018 in the SDN-list of the US Department of Finance. Its attirers are closed access to the financial system of the United States, American citizens and companies are prohibited from doing business with them.

At the same time, AZ «Ural» is technologically still associated with the Gaza Group, which involves the preservation of cooperation in the supply of components. The output of the Ural asset was due to the fact that the Ural trucks are the products of the so-called dual-purpose. And special attention to the manufacturers of such products from Americans.

But we are not about sanctions, but about the model range of AZ «Ural». As you know, at last year’s exhibition COMTRANS-2019 Ural Autostruits

Recall that a number of technical and operational characteristics of the Ural novelties were made public. The total weight of the car is 27.5 tons, and the lifting capacity is 16,150 kg. It immediately wants to compare with KAMAZ-65115, which has a total weight of 25,200 kg, and a carrying capacity of 15,000 kg.

Also on the Ural novelty, the power plant of the YAMZ-536, developing 328 hp, along with which the 9-speed mechanical box ZF 9S1515TO will work. On Kamaja, as you know, the engine production engine «Cminim-Kama» Cummins ISB6.7 E5 300 (Euro-5) is installed.

Baby-blind cabin reminds Iveco Turbotech, which graduated from a life cycle in the 90s of the last century. But if you compare with an orange cabin of KAMAZ, which is already half a century, but which is still updated, for sure, they are equal.

Chinese bridges from Hande Axle will be installed on the chassis, the fuel tank capacity of 350 liters, the WABCO brake system. And the cabin will have a sleeping place. The preliminary cost was voiced — from 4.3 million rubles. True, it is clearly irrelevant after devaluation.

Many were waiting for the debut of the new Ural dump truck, but the debut became another model. And her competitor is not a Kamazo dump truck, but another manufacturer and other model. But first things first.

In September, a conveyor assembly of a fundamentally new four-axle car «Ural-9593» 84 tons with a total weight of 44 tons began on AZ Ural. For the Mias company is a step in a new class of heavy cars in which this Russian manufacturer has not been represented. According to the layout, the new 4-decker resembles the well-known army model «Ural-5323», but it differs twice as much complete mass and almost three times more with a capacity.

By the way, the carrying capacity of the new chassis is 30 tons. Permissible load on two front bridges can reach 18 tons, the load on the rear trolley bridges is 26 tons. The car is 4-axis, and the length for mounting the equipment is increased to 8000 mm. This significantly expands the possibilities for the installation of special heavy superstructures of various purposes, including crane, construction, or oil and gas specials.

The chassis «Ural-9593» is equipped with an ENZ-653 engine (Euro-5), developing 422 hp, a mechanical 16-speed gearbox and a 2-speed handout. Cabin — Licensed Iveco, lasting restyling and having improved parameters of ergonomics, heat and noise insulation (such are installed on cars of the «Ural-6370» and «Ural-M» families).

And now to whom the new Ural 4-end will compete? There is an obvious intention to compete with the Minsk Plant of Wheel Tractor (MZKT), which has long and successfully supplies similar technique under the Volt brand.

The Minsk Wheel Tractor Plant last year presented a new generation of heavy chassis with wheel formula 8×8, which close characteristics with Ural-9593.

Thus, the newest MZKT-750002 all-time chassis at its own weight of 14.700 kg is calculated on a technically permissible total mass of 46.000 kg (it will be distributed in the axes: on the first and second axis — at 10,000 kg, on the third and fourth — at 13,000 kg). The mass of the mounted equipment is 31.500 kg.

The MZKT-750002 chassis is equipped with a 420-strong YAMZ-653 engine, a mechanical 9-speed Fast Gear 9JS220TA gearbox and a 2-speed gearbox with the main differential. At the same time, the entire trifle with the rear seeding of the cabin is located in front of the engine, so that it was possible to reduce the height of the chassis.

Another novelty-competitor of the Ural model — MZKT-750004 chassis (8×8) with a technically permissible maximum mass is also 46.000 kg. Its carrying capacity — 29.700 kg.