Formation of sustainability of auto service


The sustainability of the enterprise is the main factor that ensures the effectiveness of its production activities in any situation.

The past 2020 clearly showed that even in such an unusually difficult situation — a pandemic, quarantine restrictions, an economic crisis, a sharp drop in consumer demand, a serious decrease in the exchange rate of the ruble, etc. — the car service department can be successful, may be profitable . But how to ensure its stability in a wide variety and even as possible? With some recipes or, in modern language — Lifehas, we are going to introduce you.

Immediately clarify. Stability is not anti-crisis measures. It does not have anything in common with them, since at least anti-crisis measures are as such and are a set of activities / actions aimed at localization and the weakening of the influence of negative factors that determine a sharp drop in the effectiveness of commercial activities, but for events / actions of emergency and most often in nature are quite short-term . That is, anti-crisis measures are salvation. We want to dig deeper and affect the more fundamental reservoir — stability, which, with a certain organization of the enterprise, personnel work and business, allows a hundred without any problems to worry even the most difficult times, without resorting (or resorting only in the most extreme cases) to these most anti-crisis measures .

In other words, sustainability is something that helps the company withstand any adverse effects (and external and internal) without avral additional intervention and therefore stability — an extremely important aspect. She must have a place in your business. After all, it is sustainability that gives the industry leaders to productively cope with emerging problems, ensures profitability during periods of radical economic changes and allows business to develop «no matter what» and «contrary to everything.»

The formation of sustainability is the process of not easy and unprecedented. Moreover, this is the process of permanent (and therefore it is never too late to engage in it), since, on the one hand, stability is directly related to the company’s business organization, its settings and practitioners models. On the other hand, the external circumstances can change dramatically in a completely unpredictable scheme (which we have witnessed in 2020), which requires an operational reaction and adequate solutions.

So if you have not yet been stable — do it yourself. For our part, we will tell you some more useful lifehams, relevant at all times.

We are chosen

One of the main links of the sustainability of the enterprise services is definitely the stability of the client flow. The situation in the economy will change for the better not at all quickly. And therefore, it is necessary to promptly modify the approaches — rebuilding work, pay more attention to business and processes in the context of precisely stabilization, — both consolidation and maintenance of customer stream.

Client strength stabilization — the key to the formation of stability

In this regard, a key question: how to attract customers when they are not ready to pay like yesterday? Answer it helps the results of several marketing research conducted by professional market participants. Surely they will surprise many, because the main factor in choosing a hundred for motorists is not the price. Moreover, the cost of the service — only closes the top five of the main factors. And on the first four positions in descending order, the following factors (percentage

• Quality of service in previous visits (40%)

• employee qualifications (38%)

• Recommendations of relatives and acquaintances (37%)

• Reputation on the market (34%)

That is, customers first of all give preference to those car services, where they were already served and maintained qualitatively. From this circumstance, the importance of qualifications of employees and recommendations are logical: relatives (friends, familiar, colleagues — in one word people who completely trusts) low-quality, unprofessional service will not advise. Well, reputation in the market is a kind of collective recommendation of all those associated with road transport.

Similarly, things are (you will be surprised again) and in relation to spare parts. Cost (and all that around it: discounts, sales, special offers, etc.) On the issue of selection of auto components, it also takes only a fifth line with 21% of the vote. And in the first place — the recommendations of the Master-consultant service station — 61% (the separant of the price is colossal, almost 3 times). Surprised again, since sincerely believed that such recommendations do not matter? Do not wonder. Actually have. And what else! Therefore, be sure to take into account this in working with staff, correctly setting it up for the sale of favorable stations of details, as well as in working with suppliers, receiving maximum motivation and support from them.

Further, it is important for customers that parts were original (57%) — the status of the «original» a priori causes loyalty and confidence even those who rarely acquire them and establishes (but it does not at all follow that the «original» is more popular with spare parts under their brand manufacturers). An important factor in choice is a country of production — 27% (it is the production, and not to register a brand, finding headquarters, some inequate «origin» and so on.) And your own experience (22%).

All other factors when choosing spare parts and a hundred have much less importance. But they are interesting for us, of course, not by themselves, but solely in the context of their priority for the client, which for many market participants probably turned out to be very unexpected. However, there is no revelation here. Just put yourself in the client’s place. Of course, there is no dispute, all people want to buy cheaper — this is normal, and you probably want, but not «cheap» defines your choice when you purchase goods / service, because you at this moment much more importantly, how important The goods / service correspond to your expectations, as far as they are high-quality.

The client (and millions of consumers around) is important the same as you, so the price is only in the fifth place, and on the advanced positions, competence, etc. The car enthusiast expects to receive a decent (in his submission) service, reliable spare parts and etc. And has all this full right. So, the cost is not the main one. The cost is only a consequence.

So satisfy his desire and rights, better understanding now, which and how the client is guided by choosing. Armed with the results above, it will be much easier to do it.

From us refuse

Understanding that the price is not the main factor in attracting customers, the main thing is not to overdo it with its buildup. Remember that with the price not everything is so unambiguous — it is impossible to neglect it. The price is a kind of pendulum, which in the driver’s consciousness constantly swings from side to: in the context of preferences — it is not the main factor in the context, but in terms of refusing a specific service company, as we have the same research — one of the key. More precisely — the second, after all the same quality.

In principle, our customers are fairly loyal to the selected service station. In most cases, car services can be very successful to hold customers: on average, the car owners have seen the workshop seven times seven times, where the last work was last performed. However, 36% of them are ready to immediately change the service point due to poor quality of repair / spare parts and 33% — due to the too high (suddenly rising) prices for services / spare parts.

The reasons for which customers refuse services of concrete hundred, quite a lot, but all of them can be reduced to a simple formula: expensive and long

Here is the fifth largest factor. Suddenly? But only at first glance. If you think about, there is nothing unexpected here. Again, put yourself in the consumer’s place — no one wants to pay too expensive. And you including.

This means that the price must be maximally balanced: it must satisfy the requests for your target audience and comply with its ideas, be as part of the range between «acceptable» and «slightly more expensive.» Moreover, you should always remember that you can not hide customers at low cost, but high — undoubtedly scare away.

And another important aspect that needs to be considered: the price is always a comparative value. Most often scares not its absolute value, but relative in comparison with something. If the master was able to professionally and convincingly substantiate the client an estimated cost of work and details, that will never have the feeling that this cost is overestimated.

Why are customers going from us? Let’s return to reputation. About 2/3 of the respondents consider the useful and trustworthy reviews, reviews and comments posted on the Internet. At the same time, almost 20% stated that they would refuse to visit a particular station due to poor rating or negative revocation. For drivers up to 29 years, this figure is even higher — 37%. Here you have a young Internet generation.

Hence the natural consequence — carefully follow the reputation of your station on the Internet. Not only in social networks, but in general in all virtual space. Now, when even in the Yandex search engine, ratings were introduced, it became especially important.

Another 19% will probably part with a hundred due to overly long waiting. No matter what. These people are in principle not ready to wait — spare parts, queues for recording, answer to a phone call, not fulfilled in the agreed repair period, etc.

How to deal with such clients? The answer is simple — not to make wait. If you can not allow yourself to afford (the supply is poorly established, no one is responsible for incoming traffic, not very snarling mechanics and so on.), It is better for such customers not even fight, because be sure — you will definitely join somewhere , and the negative on the sarafined radio they will distribute unslab. Customers will leave until you properly register your business and technological processes.

The ability to convince

Hurry up to dispel one root stereotype regarding consumer preferences. In the midst of the masters, there is a persistent prejudice that customers come to a hundred with an unshakable desire to establish parts of specific brands on their cars, and to persuade them to others there is no possibility. Therefore, the expensive spare parts of the premium level to sell is difficult — everyone is easy to want something cheaper. Well, and then in the same spirit …

In the auto repair environment there was a lot of erroneous stereotypes regarding customer behavior. Hurry to dispel some of them

In fact, those who have clear, reinforced concrete priorities in the brand and / or (as a result) price, just 33%. The remaining 67% decide on the acquired spare parts taking into account all factors (cost, manufacturer, etc.), already being directly at the station. Moreover, 5%, even having the same reinforced concrete priorities, easily change their opinion, listening to the recommendations of the master acceptor. That is, it is possible to conclude unequivocally — the lion’s share of motorists completely trust professionals, which means that a competent specialist has an excellent opportunity to sell more margin parts and earn more for them.

It is noteworthy that in this situation, 59% of customers take the most active part in the choice — they are waiting for recommendations, but they choose themselves, and 74% are guided by the advice of representatives of the service station. In this regard, the main task of the station management is to teach the front office staff, mainly masters of consultants of the right argument, the most advantageous positioning of the goods that must be implemented and the correct building of the Communication process with clients for the purpose of their belief.

Working with a client base

For customer streams never dried, it is necessary to work very carefully with the current client base. It is with the current!

Unfortunately, as practice shows, most Russian car services do not think that with such a base can and need to work. Usually the focus is on attracting new customers, because it seems that they will bring additional profits. But this is an obvious error.

Current client base — an inexhaustible source of traffic

After all, the attraction of new customers is always worth money and is always more expensive, because you need to invent something, somehow lure, etc. And the current base already knows you, it has already been. This is your precious resource for any occasion: and for periods of low seasons, and in crisis situations, etc.

How to work with it? First, calls. Yes, we know, few people love them, but they need to be performed by the whole team to cover as widely as possible clients. Content — promotional offers, reminder of unfulfilled recommendations, seasonal suggestions, etc.

Secondly, mailing. SMS mailing is one of the most expensive channels, and the experience shows that its effectiveness has recently decreased markedly — people erase messages without looking, as soon as they understand that this is a message from some company with advertising.

On the other hand, there are actually free mailing through messengers. The percentage of disclosure is also low, if you exercise them from the corporate number, but if the newsletter will go on behalf of a certain personal master (albeit superficially, but familiar to the client) — effectiveness increases sharply. A moment will be revealed at least, and in many cases still read to the end. And conclusions are made. And in any case you will learn — whether the message has opened the subscriber, read it.

Sat messages through bots? — Well, look. Do you yourself read messages from bots? Yes, and bots, in general, the pleasure is not a penny. In addition, bots, for example, in the «telegram», you need the base with which they could work. If you do not have a canal or it is, but there are not many subscribers there, then the bot, in fact, is useless.

Therefore, calls by employees and mailing through messengers is the easiest and most affordable way to marketing, which can organize any one hundred and which really works. And do not think that this should be engaged in some specially hired employees. It may have to do full-time staff, and in such a situation, as now, just a sin of this is true. We work the scripts and forward — everything from the director should sit on the phone and ending with free mechanics. The staff should understand that it is about its earnings, so no excuses.

Wizards do not like to call client base — it is well known. But if there is such a task — they should do it. Since the master is a fairly competent specialist to explain to the client, why he must come to the service without postponing his visit. Very well, if the master knows the service history of a particular car and can refer to specific unsatisfied recommendations. If it does not know, it can easily operate with general technological requirements, which cause much more confidence from a potential client than the words of a little knowledgeable in the technique of administrator.

Although for such an administrator, too, there will also be interlocutors — in his sphere should be accessed with the «dead» base — for the identification of more or less active customers. Here, technical preparation is necessary in minimal volume, here are needed here: Good afternoon, how are you doing, come, we have such an action — more in this case and do not need.

But whatever you instruct your employees, no matter how the stability of the station formed, the head of any level per hundred should always remember that the main task of his subordinates is to sell. Even the mechanic — he sells high-quality repairs and a professional attitude to the case, which the client is assessed very high. What actually describes the above results of customer surveys.