For Gazelles found new motors and boxes


Nizhny Novgorod gas plans to equip the Gazelle’s commercial vehicles with new power units. This follows from documents published on the Rosstandard website.

Judging by the FTS, on Gazelles will be installed

Also, according to the updated FTS, the Gasoline Motor UMP will be with an increased volume — instead of 2.7 liters it will become 3-liter. Accordingly, the engine power will increase — from 106 to 118 liters. with. It is expected that such modifications of trucks will arrive at the end or early 2021.

And this is not all news about Gazelle. Made the first step in the electromobilization of the most popular domestic commercial car. The pre-seventive samples of the first Russian commercial electric car Gazelle E-NN were seen. They are collected on the conveyor of the Gorky Automobile Plant.

At the heart of the design of the new model, a single unified electroflatform, the architecture of which allows to produce a complete line of light commercial vehicles: onboard trucks, minibuses, vans and various versions of special equipment. This will allow you to respond flexibly to customer needs. And to promptly produce those modifications of the electric vehicle, which will be in demand with minimal time and technological costs for development in production.

Three cars of the new family — Executive minibus, route minibus and cargo-passenger wagon-Combi — were presented within the Conference «Digital Industry of Industrial Russia», which takes place on the territory of the Nizhny Novgorod Fair from September 23 to 25.

In the design of the electric vehicle, Gazelle E-NN combines the unified components of the model range of the most popular Russian light commercial car «Gazelle Next» (chassis, body, salon) and original electrical nodes: traction batteries, electric motor, voltage converter, charger, and other components.

The total weight of the car is 4.6 tons, loading capacity — up to 2.5 tons (onboard modifications). The electric motor is synchronous on permanent magnets, peak power — 100 kW, maximum torque — 310 N · m. Energy intensity of batteries — 48 kWh. The maximum speed is 100 km / h, and the stroke reserve on one charging is 120 km. At the request of the customer, the stroke can be increased to 200 km by installing additional batteries. It is possible to quickly charge up to 80% of the container in 30 minutes.

«The transition to the serial production of electric cars to which we are preparing will open up ample opportunities for the development of electrical transport on the basis of our own design and production competencies,» said Vadim Sorokin, President of Gas Group. — The most important task that is now worth not only before «group Gas, «but also in front of the entire Russian engineering industry, — the organization of its own production of key components and components for electric transport. This will allow Russia to ensure technological independence in the context of global changes, develop their own engineering and design competencies and will contribute to increasing the competitiveness of Russian products in world markets» .