Will Renault leave Russia?


The presentation of the new strategy of the French automaker Renault, held on January 14 in Paris, produced in our country the effect of the «broken bomb». Everything is just because in this document, the main provisions of which were reflected in the affordable presentation on the company’s website, denoted the directions of development of the domestic brand LADA. In essence, we were shown to go where the development of domestic auto giant on the Volga — AvtoVAZ will go. What is there, the whole passenger car industry of the country. Our channel previously told about it.

Recall that according to this strategic document, the Russian brand LADA and the Romanian brand DACIA are combined into one business unit of the French group Renault. The general director of this structural unit called Dacia-Lada, from January 1, 2021, Denis Le was appointed. It is noteworthy that he worked in Russia in various senior positions, both in AvtoVAZ and in Renault Russia.

Next, the number of platforms is reduced to Dacia-Lada — from the four to one used today. We are talking about a pretty «fresh» platform of the Renault-Nissan Alliance, which has the designation CMF-B. It builds such new models like Renault Clio-V, Nissan Juke, as well as the third generation of Dacia Logan / Sandero. Nissan Note was also represented, built on this «cart.»

It is indicated that the entire range of Dacia Romanian automaker and domestic LADA will be now based on this platform. In the presentation, in the part of the LADA brand, 3 new models in the dimensional class B and one model in C was shown, as defined as experts identified, this is a new generation of model line Lada Granta and Lada Vesta. A new all-terrain vehicle Lada Niva (Vision) was also illuminated, in which the prototype previously presented at the Moscow International Motor Show was also left.

In total, 11 models of Romanian and domestic brands will be created on this platform. But this is what is interesting, only 7 new models are shown under the cover, plus already known 2 models — Logan / Sandero. Summary it is planned to produce about 1 million cars of two brands.

When we carefully studied the presentation materials at the editorial office, then they paid attention to. Unfortunately, neither analysts nor numerous commentators paid attention to this quite curious and interesting question.

And what future on the Russian market awaits the brand Renault?

First, in the presentation, no word was told about the fate of the French brand in Russia. Secondly, it is not idle curiosity, it is fundamentally important because

We will remind, the share of the French brand has a very considerable share of the Russian market — 8%. In the past, 128.8 thousand cars with a rombe on the radiator were sold in the past 2020.

Leaving such a solid luggage from one of the key markets would be unforgivable nonsense, fraught with both moral and material losses.

So what will be with Renault in three or four years?

We editors conducted a «brainstorming», the opinions were divided. But according to formal logic, this picture is being developed. We will talk about our consensus forecast.

Renault will not leave Russia anywhere (provided that, of course, the foreign policy pressure is similar to both Iran.).

At first

Since the life cycle of these models has just begun and will not last one year, and five to seven years, for this period it will be possible to repeal the investments invested in them, consolidate the market positions of these cars in the SUV class. Therefore, most likely, until 2025-2026, and maybe longer, they will be produced and sold in Russia.

Next, secondly,


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