Why volkswagen traveled Turkey


The German carproducer Volkswagen finally refused to build a plant in Turkey. At this company, it was planned to produce mid-sized Volkswagen Passat and Skoda Suberb models.

This Turkish project was needed by the German automaker to free the production capacity of the enterprise in Emden, located in the north of Germany, where VW Passat is being built for more than half a century. And which the German automaker plans to prepretize the release of electric vehicles. Also, the translation of the Skoda Superb model to new power will allow to unload the capacity of the Czech subsidiary. One of the reasons for the abandon from the Turkish project Volkswagen calls a corona pandemic. Although the political motives should not be excluded.

Turkey as a local production of cars is a very attractive platform. The fact is that the Turkish auto industry has a very solid base of local autocomponent suppliers. These are mostly small enterprises, but certified and producing high-quality components and autodetas. Today in Turkey has its own production facilities such as Renault, Fiat, Honda, Toyota, Man, and others.

Search for a new site Volkswagen has been delayed. Initially, four countries were considered — Romania, Bulgaria, Ukraine and Turkey. If the first two are members of the European Union, then the other two are only associated with the EU. Each country offered a complex of benefits and preferences, since the prize would be an investment in the amount of about 1 billion euros to a new venture. In the end, the choice fell on Turkey. In particular, new markets in the Middle East were named as factors of attractiveness.

But now, when the choice of Turkey as a new production site disappeared, Volkswagen plans to significantly invest in his factory in Bratislava (Slovakia). Investments in the expansion of the Slovak Plant will be about one billion euros (or 26.6 billion crowns), reports on Monday to the publication of the German autosobilwoche.

«We decided to increase the capacity of our factory in Bratislava,» the head of the German concern Herbert Diess said the magazine. — Because of the crisis caused by Coronaryar, we revised the requirements for a new project and now do not need to build a new site. «

Herbert Diess estimated the choice of Slovakia, which, according to him, does not lose in comparison with Turkey on the cost of production.

Recall that the development of a new generation of the high-size car Volkswagen Passat as part of the German concern was instructed by the specialists of Czech Skoda, which will develop a new generation of Skoda Superb. It is planned that these cars will see the light in 2023. And come off the conveyor of the Slovak enterprise.

A small country in the center of Europe has become a powerful high-income center.

Here, in addition to the large Volkswagen plant, PSA and KIA enterprises work in Bratislava. So last year, the Korean automaker released a record number of 338,000 cars on his Slovak plant (Kia Ceed family, KIA Sportage crossovers).

The Slovak enterprise PSA last year has released 303,000 cars. And this year it plans to launch the production of a new model of the Citroen car.

In total last year, all auto plants of Slovakia issued a total of more than 1 million cars. Also, five millionth Slovakia last year retained the position of the largest car manufacturer per capita. In the automotive industry of this small country employs about 126.000 employees. Its share in industrial production last year amounted to 44%, and cars are one of the leading articles of Slovakia export.

The auto industry will strengthen its position in the Slovak economy after completing and reach the full capacity of the plant of the British automaker Jaguar Land Rover, which is located in the city of Nitra in the south of Slovakia.