Why Toyota in Russia and Toyota in the United States are two different stories?!


No one will argue that the American market is more attractive for such a car «giant» as Toyota. In the US, this brand is represented immediately by 17 different models of the car. Traditionally, the cars supplied to the American market are different from ours, and from most other countries of the world special lighting. The reason is not for some exclusiveness of Americans. Just for Toyota in America (as well as for other autoconcons) there are other standards. And also digitization of the speedometer, calculated in miles and temperature — in «Foregates». Add here requirements on the softer, «calm» suspension setting, as well as certain changes in design and becomes obvious: Toyota cars in America differ significantly from those that are presented in the domestic market.

Comparison of the model range of Toyota

Currently, Toyota in Russia is represented by 12 different auto models. Taking into account the current economic situation and market realities, this is a good result. At least, the domestic motorist who has decided to buy Toyota has the ability to be widely selected: from sedans and hatchbacks — to all-wheel drive SUVs.

But domestic dealers cannot be purchased by new Tyota (available in the USA) of the following models: Tacoma and Tundra pickles, «impressive» Avalon sedan, comfortable minivan Sienna and GT86 coupe. And the American Toyota Mirai is represented on the American market.

Toyota in America offers motorists all possible variations «Corolla», and for riding on the megalopolis, a popular family of compact yaris.

New Tyota for the US market offers all-wheel drive sedans Camry and Avalon. In models, the idea of the full drive is implemented by analogy with the popular RAV4 crossover.

By the way, good news: high probability that buy such a Toyota Camry can be in Russia in the near future.

Flagship and ocean

A recognized leader in popularity in Russia, and in America is Toyota Raw4. But in the US, New Toyota represents «Rafik» not only in the usual configuration, but also a hybrid version. «Charged» models of RAV4 PRIME are used in certain demand, using 2 electric motors in addition to gasoline. As a result, the total power of the car increases to an impressive 306 hp, and overclocking up to 100 km / h is only 5.8 seconds.

Of course, we are still not available to us!

Animally comparing the sales volumes of the Japanese. In just one quarter of 2020, more than 98,000 RAV4 managed to sell in the states. Buy Toyota of the same model in Russia for the same period of time, only 12,000 motorists managed

Rainbow Perspectives

Nevertheless, if earlier for America Toyota did a car, significantly different in appearance, characteristics and configuration from those Makhin, which was delivered to other markets, now the situation is aligned. The process of unification, transition to modular platforms, reducing costs and other costs lead to gradual erasure of the faces.

And this means that Russian motorists will not feel about something deprived. What you congratulate you!