Why Toyota erupts by Russia


The newly news car tape «exploded» with reports that the Japanese company Toyota will soon bring the budget sedan VIOS to Russia, which will

This conclusion was made for a number of reasons. First, the dimensions of the car comparable to future competitors. The Toyota VIOS sedan has dimensions (4,410 mm x 1 700 x 1 475 mm), wheel base — 2 550 mm. The power unit of the sedan is a 1,5-liter gasoline engine, which develops 109 liters. with. Motor is aggregated with a 5-speed «mechanics» or a 4-speed «automatic». Another power unit, installed on VIOS, has a volume of 1.3 l, with a capacity of 98 hp. and variator. The car is produced since 2013. The last update of the sedan occurred quite recently — in 2020. This car was originally created for the markets of developing countries. VIOS is focused on a bunk audience.

Our Siberian and Far Eastern car enthusiast, who got used to right-hand drives from the country of the rising sun, immediately exclaim, yes

Why is such attention paid to the shabby sedan (folk Asian vehicle VIOS) for developing countries? And the thing is that in the database of Rospatent appeared on the Toyota VIOS sedan. This was the starting point of rumors and speculations that the Japanese will soon bring the «bomb» market.

But what interesting moment. Recently, a similar case occurred. In the database of Rospatent in August last year, an application for an industrial sample of an advanced inexpensive sedan Honda City has been published. In fact, this model is a competitor to all our foreign cars from the budget class. But everything ended with the fact that the Japanese automaker Honda announced that in the current 2021 leaves Russia. Respectively,

However, in relation to Toyota, there is no official confirmation of the upcoming start of sales of subcompact VIOS in Russia. As we see on the example of Honda City, it is not a fact that appearing in the database of Rospatent, the model will definitely be on sale to our market.

Similarly, it was with the new SUV of the Ulyanovsky Automobile Plant, which received the nickname «Russian Prado», by analogy with Prado from Toyota. That only did not patent the Ulyanovsk motorwooters. Almost on these patented parts of the car, it was already possible to imagine how it would be in the gland and plastics. But unexpectedly work on the project «Russian Prado» was discontinued.

But our channel decided to continue to go further and look at the messages about the appearance of VIOS with a slightly different side.

Today Toyota brand in Russia

Table 1. Sales of new cars Toyota brand in the Russian Federation in 2020

As can be seen from the data submitted, traditionally dominated, in addition to the two above models, large crossovers and SUVs. But the Corolla sedan, having the title of the car itself in the world, we do not have so popular even in your size class C. Total, new Toyota cars in the Russian Federation 91,598 cars were sold. This is the seventh place in the domestic market. Although a year earlier, the Japanese brand was on the sixth stage, and at the end of last year it was bypassed by Czech Skoda. If the Toyota top manager has an idea to withdraw a budget sedan, then only to strengthen the market positions of the Japanese brand in the Russian Federation.

In fact, the so-called «budget» models of Toyota are presented in the segment of used machines. They are delivered quite a lot in the past years, and today «wicket» is ajar for them. If you ride around the cities of the Far East and Siberia, then a lot of such cars aged a little older than five years of age can be discharged:

Table 2. Sales of used Toyota cars in the Russian Federation in 2020

Therefore, Japanese top managers decided to strengthen the position of the brand in the Russian market, because they have an example of other Japanese brands before their eyes.