Why the Russian auto industry approxes the Chinese «head»


Cooperation between Russian and Chinese automakers is not limited only by the supply of engines. A huge foreign trade turnover between countries falls on autocomponents, nodes and aggregates. But recently a new page has been opened in such cooperation.

How «Dragon» shared «head» with gas

Surely Quint-Essence of such a turn to the east will be the development of the latest «three-shock» Valdai Next Group G AZ. In the model range of the largest domestic producer of commercial equipment formed a space. If the full mass of the car

Thus, the niche of the commercial technology of the GAZ group between cars today was not filled. In the domestic market of freight commercial equipment in it «play» foreign models of Japanese and Korean automakers, such as Isuzu, Hyundai, Hino. Also in our market there are Chinese automakers Foton and Jac.

This is the so-called «three-shock» segment, having a higher load capacity than the NEXT Gazelle. But at the same time, these cars are valued for compactness, maneuverability, since they are intended for urban freight. So, their work is tied to cramped cargo courtyards, on unloading sites, where traditionally lacks the place for turning cars.

The GAZ Group has competencies and designer specialists who could develop and put such «three-year» to the conveyor of the Nizhny Novgorod enterprise. But, given today’s realities and for the fastest filling of the «gap», we went to cooperate with the Chinese company Foton.

Recently, this company has a similar new car in the model range. He climbed the Gasovtsy very much, and the cubicle of the truck was especially attracted. Therefore, both parties have agreed that Foton will not supply and sell trucks with such an appearance on the Russian car market, in turn, gas will not sell his Valdai Next where similar Foton is sold.

As Gas specialists tell not to miss, a cabin was chosen in the maximum configuration, with air conditioning and other frills. The cabin is delivered from China entirely with all the contents. Why does the choice fell on the Chinese cabin? Everything is simple enough.

In fact, the gas has a modular cabin of the Next series, on the basis of which the Next Gazelle cabins are created, for the NEXT lawn medium and for a capped car Ural Next. But for Valdai NEXT, this own development is not suitable, because this commercial car has to work in the constrained urban conditions. And given the fact that the capacity of the three-year market in the Russian Federation is about 6,000 cars (with the estimated volume of sales of Valdaev up to 3000 units per year), design a new cabin unprofitable and has no economic meaning.

Chinese cabin comes from the Foton plant. There is such a calculation that the numerous retail chains of the country such as «Pyaterochka», «Crossroads», «Red and White», traditionally buy just blank-free distribution machines.

Now daily from the conveyor, six Valdai Next comes down — they are made on the same line with NEXT lawns. And it’s not by chance. The chassis with powerful bridges, springs and brakes for Valdae is taken from the senior g of Azon NEXT, which is known to have a higher load capacity — from 5 tons and above.

This decision is made in connection with the specialty of national freight: drivers often allow overload. After all, even the gazelles often carry three tons of cargo, instead of the last one and a half tons. Accordingly, it is possible to imagine that in threetons there will often be freight in weight by weight.

Also, the new Valdai NEXT is equipped with a Cummins ISF 2.8 Diesel, produced in China and familiar to the NEXT Gazelle. True, the Cummins 2.8 turbodiel slowed down the capacity from 149 to 133 hp, but the torque was raised from 330 to 353 nm and docked the motor with a new Gazovskaya six-speed gearbox.

Kamaz + Jac = Compass

In the meantime, a similar approach to the design of a commercial car uses KAMAZ. The new KAMAZ project will be called «Compass». These trucks will be built on a similar scheme — a bad chinese cabin on the Russian chassis. Only for the new «Kamazenka» cab is taken from the JAC Chinese truck, and not Foton, like Valdai Next. The KAMAZ «Compass» on preliminary information will be offered in three versions. The youngest will be easier than Valdai NEXT, and its full mass will be 5 tons. But the other two will be heavier than the Gazovsky commercial car and have a full mass of 9 and 12 tons. It will be almost a competitor to the younger versions of the lawn Next.

In fact, the new «compass» is the promising heirs of the CAMAZ-4308 medium-room. It became open information and engines that will be installed in motor compartments of the Compass family. Heavy versions will be equipped with Cummins ISF 3.8 and 4.5 engines. But on the easiest to install the unknown diesel engine KAMAZ volume of 2.1 liters. As you know, the Motor plant of KAMAZ in its nomenclature does not have such a low-volume power unit. Apparently, the partner of KamAZ German Daimler will give this engine for the production of Kamsky Auto Gigant.

To bring the Compass Commercial Technology to the Russian market will begin in April of this year. But the Nizhny Novgorod «Valdai» has already appeared in the salons of official gas dealers. Such a tandem will strike a strong blow to the positions of Japanese and Korean medium-room.