Why the old 2-liter motor on the new Renault Duster is left.


Today, on February 11, an online presentation of the new SUV RENAULT DUSTER took place. This model completes the update of the crossover line of the French automaker in Russia. Recall, in the summer of 2019, a coupe crossover Renault Arkana was presented. Last year, Renault Kaptur was updated. And after the preparation of production at the Moscow Renault Russia plant, a presentation of the second generation DUSTER was held.

This presentation was waiting for a long time. But the most amazing thing is that there was a sensation today — the staff and specialists of the Moscow office Renault did everything so that the new generation Duster returned the title of the SUV class leader, which he lost 4 years ago by giving way to Hyundai Creta. We present what roast disputes and discussions were conducted there not only inside the office, but also with headquarters in Paris.

Of course, the greatest intrigue of the presentation concerned the motor gamut of the car. Without a doubt, the basic was the Motor of the H4M Alliance with a volume of 1.6 liters with two variations in 114 hp and 117 hp Of course, the franco-German development of H5HT 1.3 TCE 150 was supposed to be a top power unit. Already familiar to us on Renault Arkana and New Kaptur.

But at the end of January, suddenly the news fell on the head that the Disel Motor 1.5 L DCI (109 hp, 240 N.M) will be left on the new DUSTER. Today it accounts for 20% of sales. So, to lose the audience of «Dieselodes» is impossible.

But today there was a sensation. It turns out that the engine gamzer remains the old proven gasoline 2-liter F4R motor, which develops power 143 hp and 192 N.M.

However, more than 16,000 owners of New Arkana and Kaptur can tell about the experience of operating cars with the latest power unit of 1.3 TCE150. But the fact is a fact that the old French motor at the requests of a wide range of motorists was under the hood of the new Duster.

However, it is possible to understand the specialists of the Moscow office RENAULT. Before them is huge statistics with which they appeal. Duster appeared in Russia in 2012, more than 450 thousand cars of this model have been sold since then. The overwhelming majority of Renault Duster buyers are 90% — select versions with an intelligent all MODE-4X4-I full drive system, which allows you to drive 4×4 Lock at speeds of up to 80 km / h. Also, Duster fans prefer versions with mechanical transmissions — more than 86%. Only CVT X-Tronic is complete with the most powerful engine.

The new Renault Duster has become more beautiful and slightly larger: length 4341 mm (26 mm more than the current model), width — 1804 mm, height — 1682 mm (with rails). In this case, the wheelbase was increased to 2676 mm. Also on geometric passability, the new Renault Duster remains the leader in the class. Road clearance is 210 mm, and the corners of the entrance and the congress — 31 and 33 degrees, respectively.

The new Duster has become less spartan. The steering column is now adjustable in height and departure, the driver’s seat has adjustable lumbar support, and between the front seats is a convenient adjustable box-armrest and cup holders. Also, the new Renault Duster was heated by the front and rear seats, the steering wheel, the washer nozzles and windshield over the entire surface, as well as the Renault Start remote start system (from the button on the key or programming in the multimedia system). The crossover has a metallic protection of the engine crankcase and high corrosion resistance.

Probably, to return leadership in the SUV class, the new Duster has everything. It remains to learn the price tag of the model.