Why Lada Niva will be the main off-road Renault SUV


What place is Lada Niva in the future triade of Renault Groupe crossovers

Today it comes the most interesting time when the features of the future model range of domestic AvtoVAZ begin to be distinguished. Moreover, it is not a corruption and conversion of third parties, but information from the very first hands, that is, the leaders of the highest rank.

As you know, in the presentation of the Renaulution Strategic Plan, our brand Lada was not paid so much space. A

Today in an interview with authoritative European car

French top manager noted that it will be


Under the Russian brand, LADA will produce the NIVA model of the next generation NIVA (in which 4×4 genes will be laid). Luka de Meo stated that the new car will be more

And now I will definitely quote Luka de Meo: «

This is an interesting look at the Western Top Manager, he compares our Lada with Suzuki Jimny.

January 13, S.G., Accurate on the eve of the presentation Renaulution, AvtoVAZ published a new generation of NIVA. His premiere is scheduled for 2024. It is also disclosed that the off-road model will receive two different versions — standard and to overcome serious off-road. For which the Clearance of the SUV will increase to 240 mm. Also, according to unofficial data, a 1.8-liter atmospheric motor will enter the line of engines, which will work with a six-speed manual gearbox or variator. The second power unit, which will be equipped with Lada Niva NEW, is a well-known modification of 1.3 liter turbocarity, known by Renault Arkana and Kaptur. In this case, the return of the unit will reduce from 150 to 130 hp

And about the Renault Group’s model policy. After the presentation of Renaulution with enviable regularity in domestic automotive editions, various consensses began to appear about the future model range of Lada. For example, one solid Internet portal took the image of the new third generation Dacia Logan, climbing him a signboard with a rook, and at the bumper attached the name Granta. And seriously claims that this is the future generation of Lada Granta. It is non-serious, because today Renault has started certification and receipt of the FTS for the Logan / Sandero family. Today Renault Groupe patented in Russia the design of the Sandero third-generation model. While the security document is protected only by the hatchback in the Ovg-high version of StepWay, but the images of the new Logan will appear in the base of the Rospatent.

A document published by Rospatent contains images of the European version of Sandero Stepway, which is collected at the factory in Romania and sold under the Dacia brand. However, a separate automaker patented the design of the radiator lattice with the Renault logo, which, apparently, will receive Russian versions of Logan and Sandero new generation.

So soon, new Logan and Sandero will be sold in Russia under Renhikom Renault, and this will not be a new Lada Granta. It is still in the process of birth, but according to the plan Renaulus, the date of its release is 2023.