Why kia walls in Russia with novelties?


The answer to this question is quite simple. This is the strategy of the work of the Korean automaker. Kia in the Russian Federation today is a foreign car number 1 in the domestic market with a share of 12.7%. There is no such indicator in any foreign automaker in the Russian market. Even a friendly Hyundai, incoming with KIA to the largest Korea autoless, and it has only 10.4% (for a period of 9 months. 2020 g). And together they occupied more than 23% of the Russian market, more than any other automakers.

For a long time, a policy increase in market share was purposefully conducted by Korean automakers. The top management of Korean companies resorted to various ways. For example, after the collapse of the ruble in 2015, when all automakers working on the Russian market rewritten the price tags, Koreans conducted a weighted price policy. You can give many similar examples.

But the most interesting example, of course, is the emergence of claimed cars in the market. If you remember that at the very beginning in the manufacturing program of the «Hyunda Motors Manufacturing Manufacturing Rus»

And this is a lot, given that Kia Rio has been occupied by the first line of the ranking of foreign cars in the Russian market for several years. By the way, the success of the raised hatchback Rio X-Line led to the appearance of another new product — Kia Xceed.

But it’s time to update and actually Kia Rio X-Line. After all, bestsellers are constantly demanding special attention, they must be «fresh.» Kia Rio in the body of the sedan recently updated and have already launched into production at a factory in St. Petersburg.

And now the Korean automaker presented a restyled raised hatchback Kia Rio X for Russia with a new name. Yes, I had to change the name of the hatchback, because some businessman from Rostov demanded to prohibit sales of KIA models performed by X-Line and compensation from an automaker in the amount of almost 100 billion rubles.

In the automotive world, it is often either to negotiate the names, or invent a new one. Today, few people remember, as in the last decade of Ford, to move from the name of Escort to Focus, agreed with the owners of the German Focus magazine. As a result, the fourth generation of this car pleases motorists from different countries.

But back to our hatchback. From significant differences, we note that the front of the hatchback received the changed head optics, the grille of the radiator and the bumper. The revision of the rear occurred thanks to the revision of the graphics of the lanterns and the bumper. Information about changes in the cabin did not provide. Motor gamma is obviously not to undergo changes. Kia Rio X-Line is available to buying with Motor 1.4 and 1.6 liters with a capacity of 100 and 123 hp. and mechanical and automatic transmissions type.

As usual, the first corporate pictures depicts a hatchback in an expensive configuration, so that versions easier will be modest.

The Hatchback Road clearance is still 195 mm. The official premiere of the updated five-year will take place within a few weeks, then the company will publish the price list and declare the start date on the Russian market.

NEWs of the most popular model of RiO applications leadership Kia are not limited. Recently, sales of a large crossover Kia Sorento started. Even before, Kia updated the Optima model, now the car is called Kia K5. And even earlier, the updated large crossover Kia Mohave was brought. And also began production in Kaliningrad on Avtotor Kia Seltos.

Here is such an axister of novelties from Kia.

According to the published statistics, Kia is a foreign car number 1. We give materials research AA Autostat-Info on the volume of registration of the KIA model range for the 9 months of this year.