Why does Korean Hyundai want to become Russian?


None of the foreign automaker today has so many assembly sites in Russia, how much does Korean Hyundai have. Now, in addition to its own plant, Hönde Motor Manufacturing Rus (HMMP), an auto accompaniment appeared another assembly site immediately in St. Petersburg. This is a former factory of the American automaker General Motors. In addition, on the outskirts of the second capital, Korean autocontracean builds the engine factory.

Asks, and why the Korean automaker so much production sites? In addition, under the contract system, Hyundai brand cars are produced in the Kaliningrad plant «Avtotor».

The answer, as always, is simple. The fact is that «Powder» so deep roots in the Russian Federation, and creating such an extensive production base, the Korean automaker hopes to keep the high proportion of the car market in the Russian Federation, to fulfill the Agreement of a special flow, which was concluded with the Ministry of Industry RF and the authorities of St. Petersburg, to increase the localization of the issued In Russia, models in order to be able to make price maneuvering, etc.

Over the past decade

As for the latest acquisition — the plant

Now the model range at the first enterprise is represented by the sedan

However, about the future model range at the GM ex-factory in the Korean company speak very carefully, without calling specific models that can stand on the conveyor. The fact is that today at the full cycle on the Kaliningrad «Avtotor» there is an assembly of such models, as the Hyundai Sonata sedan, also at the full cycle here are the KIA (SELTOS, SOUL, CERATO) model. A part of the gamma of models of two companies is collected according to the method of large-sized assembly.

Managing Director of Hönde Motors CIS Alexey Kaltsev at a press conference dedicated to Hyundai’s plans for 2021, expects to argue about the choice of models for the GM Ex-enterprise conveyor. He noted that the management of the Korean company prefers to consider the prospect of a depth of 6-8 years. Judging by the production facilities, crossovers are ideal for the production gamma of this enterprise.

As for the innovations from Hyundai, their cascade will open the average size in 2021

Recall also, today the Korean automaker maintains the construction of a motor plant. This construction is indicated in a special investment contract (SPIK). Investments in a new enterprise are estimated at 13.1 billion rubles. The Motor-Building Plant is designed for the production of 240 thousand engines every year, and its area will be 35 thousand square meters. Also, in terms of deepening, the Localization Hyundai intends to deliver the blocks of cylinders and blocks of blocks from the Ulyanovsk enterprise «Nemak» to this enterprise.

And now answer the question: why is all the Korean company?