Why Dmitry Donskoy with Russian fought


Prince Dmitry Donskoy, we are taken to submit as the Russian national leader in the struggle for the overthrow of the Mongol-Tatar yoke. However, this is what is called the modernization of history. In those days, there was no unified Russian state, and each Russian prince had their own views on politics. Of course, I also had to Moscow Prince Dmitry Ivanovich, often to bare my sword against my compatriots.

In 1360, the Suzdal Prince Dmitry Konstantinovich, according to the right of the elder in the way, received a label in the Horde to the Grand Due to Vladimir. But the golden horde was not united at that time. Moscow Prince Dmitry Ivanovich, then by the tag, and his name was the politics of his faithful boyars. Taking advantage of the «jam» in the Horde, they have enlisted the support of the strong beckerbeck Maama. Mamai issued a label to Dmitry Ivanovich, his future winner. Relying on the aid of Tatars Mamaia, Moscow troops were kicked out Dmitry Konstantinovich from Vladimir to his native principality.

In 1371, a similar conflict for a grand permanent label arose already in an adult Dmitry Ivanovich with Tver Prince Mikhail Alexandrovich. Again, the Moscow army entered into another Russian land, having evolving and devastating everything around him.

The Moscow chronicles of that time are full of condemnation of the Ryazan Prince Oleg, with whom he repeatedly had to beat Dmitry Donsky. Because of their estimates and Russian historiography has become extremely Moscow centric. Oleg, in particular, attributed to the betrayal of Russia in the fight against Mama, although Oleg, on the contrary, regularly supplied Dmitry Don information about the movements of Mamaia and Lithuanian troops, ready to come to the rescue. The reason is that Ryazan was one of the rivals of Moscow in the struggle for the primacy on unifying Russia.

The first attack on Ryazan Dmitry produced in 1371, camping Oleg from there. After that, Oleg was repeatedly expelled from his native principality and returned back there. The fight against Moscow did not interfere with Ryazan to be an avant-garde of Russian forces in the fight against the Tatars. Ryazan land has always taken over the first blow to the Horde Haling. So happened, for example, in 1379. The allegiance of Oleg, who was not satisfied with the Moscow chronicles with constant finding between two lights. Ryazan prince had to think about protecting his land not only by a sword, but also diplomatic means. Moreover, Ryazan land constantly threatened the danger of ruin from Moscow, as happened in 1380, when the fields of the winners of the winners returned from Kulikov, Ryazan Earth.

The war of Moscow with Ryazan, and the concerned in that period nothing continued, bringing disasters to the Russian people, until 1386. Then she was completed by a relative marriage: Oleg Fedor’s son married Dmitry Sofier’s daughter.

The most accurate characteristic of Dmitry Donskoy gave historian Nikolai Kostomarov: «Following the task to subordinate to Moscow, Russian lands, he not only did not know how to achieve his goals, but even missed the fact that he was given the circumstances. He did not destroy the strength and independence of Tver and Ryazan, did not know and relieve them so that they were at the same time with Moscow for general Russian goals. Dmitry only annoyed them and exposed in vain ruin of innocent residents of these lands. I was annoyed by the Horde, but did not take advantage of her temporary ruin, did not take measures to defense against danger. The consequence of his whole activity was that the ruined Russia should again crawl and humiliate in front of the sinking order. «