Why Crossovers «captured» Russian car market.


The Russian automotive market, who experienced 9% recession last year due to various restrictions, nevertheless, showed new horizons. And one of the trends that continued on it was the growth of the crossovers segment. Now this segment of cars with increased clearance has become the main thing in the Russian Federation.

According to AA Avtostat, it accounts for 48.5% of the sales of new cars in Russia.

Why the demand of the Russian motorist reoriented to this type, it is not necessary to go far for the answer. It is enough to look out the window and see the parking lot brought by snow in the courtyards, or the rammed snow shafts along parking pockets, which cannot overcome the usual car, which in a number of regions the country is a joke called «puzoterks». Because cars class SUV in our country are popular. Even despite the fact that their cost is higher than similar cars in the same dimensional classes.

However, it is best to turn to specific figures and see how much this class car is heterogeneous, as far as it is different in its own dimensional classes. These data are located in the table below, and well reflect the picture of the popularity of a model. However, first several introductory.




According to the data in 2020, the most popular SUV segment is class C, but in the passenger cars, on the contrary, this class has lost its popularity all last years and dropped to 3.82% of the Russian car market, or 56,334 cars in absolute terms. In detail, our channel described the situation


The most popular among crossovers was C-class.

To class SUV (C)

In class SUV (B)

In class SUV (D)

And now it is worth staying on crossovers that have become new to 2020. On the strengthening of positions in the class SUV, automakers were greatly hoped by new products in Russia. We are talking about the debutants of the Russian car market — Skoda Karoq and Kia Seltos. Their local production has begun in Nizhny Novgorod and Kaliningrad, respectively. Automakers have invested in the organization of local assembly and hoped for returns. For example, in Kaliningrad at the Avtotor plant, the capacity for the production of 30,000 cars on the full cycle of the KIA SELTOS model was created. But last year, in connection with the well-known events, they managed to sell only 12,774 pieces. But the result of Skoda KaroQ is somewhat better — 15 551 pcs. Accordingly, they are located on 16 and 17 places in the overall stand in the SUV segment. (see Paint 2)

Why these new items did not become breakthrough models that could blow up the market, this is the topic of a separate conversation that our channel will definitely hold.

And a few more words about the updated Renault Kaptur and Debutant last 2019 Renault Arkana. These are crossovers, in comparison with previous new model models, although they have several best results, respectively, occupied 10 and 14 seats in the class. Still greatly inferior to your neighbor according to the model range of the French automaker RENAULT DUSTER. But this is also needed a separate conversation.

And in conclusion. Our channel was the top 50 of the most popular crossovers in the Russian car market. It is noteworthy that the release of almost all cars of the SUV class is conducted on the territory of the Russian Federation. With the exception of a number of popular Japanese SUVs Toyota LC Prado. And this is also another story. And now find your crossover in the ranking of the most popular on the Russian market last year.