Why are the Japanese rapidly lose popularity?


Japanese car brands from Russian motorists have always had a high reputation. Especially in the Urals. For residents of the Far East and Siberia, the Japanese car is still a fusion of reliability, economy, unpretentiousness, that is, the qualities that every domestic motorist dreams about. But today in the market with Japanese brands there is something wrong. They leave the conquered positions in Russia and at the end of last year almost everyone rolled in the peak of the recession.

If the Russian market as a whole in 2020 decreased by 9%, then the sales of Mitsubishi collapsed by 30%, Subaru — by 19%, Honda — by 18%, Mazda (-14%), Nissan (-13%),

And the «cherry on the cake» was a loud statement by the leadership of the Honda company, which sounded on the most eve of the new year, which the company decided to leave Russia and stretch this process for two years. And indeed, if in a successful 2008 Honda sold 89 thousand cars, then only 1,508 pieces could be used last year.

Following the announcement of Honda on reducing sales in the Russian Federation, the question immediately arises, and who next? First Candidate —

But, the leadership of this Japanese automaker during Lokdauna responded: do not worry, do not leave, we appreciate the Kasta «Subarvodov» of Russia. It was recently announced that the plans of 2021 premiere and access to the Russian market of an updated SUBARU XV crossover, and in July, Russian dealers will be available to order a new generation of Subaru Outback. Also in Subaru confirmed that they were not going to leave the European market.

As for the other Japanese automaker Suzuki, the sale of cars of which is a little more than that of Subaru, last year 7,961 cars sold, as told in an interview with «Autostat» Utah Takahasi, General Director of Suzuki Motor Rus LLC, in plans to increase sales up to 10 thousand cars in 2021.

In general, the history of Suzuki in Russia is instructive. Today, few people remember that Suzuki and the other Japanese company Toyota, together received permission in the St. Petersburg City Hall on land in Shushary for the construction of auto plants. Only here Toyota built its car assembly enterprise, and Suzuki «Volokitila» long and did nothing. And then also stated that the plot in Shushary is complex, we need large investments in the engineering training of the territory, and, in the end, from the project of creating a plant in Russia, refused. In fact, the company chose — to invest in Russia or India, and in addition, she had an alliance with German Volkswagen. Yes, in addition, the Japanese in Europe was built a plant in Hungary with a production capacity of 300,000 cars per year. The result is known. Toyota is the seventh car autobrade in Russia in 2020, and Suzuki — 21st place in the passenger segment of the Russian car market.

Record holder on falling 2020 among Japanese brands — Mitsubishi (-30%). And although Russia for this automotive concern is in the gray zone: as part of the distribution of the roles of the Renault-Nissan-Mitsubishi alliance, its geographical area of responsibility in Southeast Asia and Oceania (Australia) is still a shame that such a well-known and once popular car brand is rapidly Loses popularity. Mitsubishi rolled on the 12th place of the Russian rating. Sales just over 28 thousand implemented cars.

The main model in the sales of the «three diamonds» falls on the Outlander crossover, this single model provides 63% of sales. Such a «monometric» sales structure is already a big risk. Understanding this, in the concern they decided to bring the updated Mitsubishi Eclipce Sport model to Russia. But the interests of this model had a meager Russian. Last year, 1,262 cars of this model were sold. Naturally, either we will observe further deafness of sales from this Japanese brand, or only the withdrawal of the new Outlander is able to reverse the negative trend. Also in the spring of 2021, an updated PAJERO Sport SUV will appear on the Russian market, the production of which will be established at the PSMA Rus plant in Kaluga. But this model can also be called superpopular, its potential is no more than 5,000 copies.

The market does not tolerate emptiness, more successful come to the place of unsuccessful. Maybe we are at the beginning of the process of sunset the popularity of the Japanese car industry in the Russian Federation? We would not want to believe in it.

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