Who will give us the right to repair


I am a participant in the Network of Diagnosts, which unites diagnostic specialists in the United States and in other countries of the world. Carefully follow the work of the forum, where participants are divided by the chalk care problems and jointly find decisions. Recently, more and more questions about the need to apply dealership software in diagnostics (software).

Article author Stanislav Svetosarov, deputy. Director of the School of Injectionar Diagnostics

The reason is that the number of «smart» components is growing in the car, which have its own built-in controller and their own software. If one must be replaced, then simple adaptation and registration of the VIN code in memory is not enough to complete the repair. For example, we take a mandatory requirement that the firmware version is one level with the version of the main unit on the network, or activate the inner firmware of the component after it is installed on the machine. In the dealer technical center, the procedure is performed easily and quickly online. But the Nedyar car service will not be able to do this due to the lack of access to this software. Therefore, you have to look for «bypass» paths or use hacker methods.

In big cities, where there are dealerships, independent car services redirects cars to the dealer to complete the repair. There are no dealers in the small cities. Cars produce from car services «unfinished» on the principle of «rides, and God with him.»

In Russia, the forced use of hacked diagnostic software was popular.

Ingenessians achieved the legalization of their work. This is the so-called «right to repair.»

A few years ago, I wrote a lot about the so-called «law of Massachusetts», warned domestic car services about the upcoming change. Reacted sluggish.

The most advanced leaders acquired by partners abroad. They provide their addresses to register, so that the user has access to diagnostic programs for BMW or Mercedes-Benz. Most of the compatriots slept this moment, hoping that «everything would somehow resolve itself» or «someone breaks protection.» Now they complain that dealer centers clamp independent and do not give them to work.

Currently, independent services are faced with a new attack of automakers. This is universally entered control of control blocks (or SGW) in the program of onboard control modules.

Such a firmware does not allow the universal scanner to actuate the actuators and special functions that are required for diagnostics and repair. What is the point in this and what does it mean?

Applying advanced universal scanners, car services pull customers from dealers even at the warranty period. To prevent this, automakers in this way block the possibilities of independent car services.

If such a situation persists, it can lead to degradation of car services due to the lack of access to new technologies and technical documentation. Judge for yourself. As the old cars go from the market, the number of allowed service operations with new models will be reduced. As a result, independent services will remain the replacement of oil, the running of the run and the seasonal change of wheels. Prices will grow, the profit will fall.

What is the way out of the situation?

You can work with hacked dealerships. But not all services want to violate the law. Most are ready to pay for legal access to software.

Some automakers, such as Toyota, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Kia, Nissan, Suzuki opened access to Russians to their technical portals, provide full-fledged information, accept payment from domestic bank cards. However, the SGW system acts still.

Trade unions pounded its «right to repair» in the United States and the European Union. In Russia, this function took over the young organization «Union of Car Service», which united independent technical center suppliers and suppliers. She has already started a dialogue with government agencies on fair conditions of the car repair and «right to repair».

We will keep readers aware of events.