Who owns automobile Russia


2020 turned out to be the sixth on account of the past decade with negative dynamics. It is not strong that such decals contribute to the Russian car market negative loops, for example,

But our channel decided to look at the automotive market at a different angle, and answer the question:

Over the past two decades, the Russian market of new cars has undergone fundamental changes. Now it is a completely different market. Today, few people remember that at the very beginning of the 00s, the lion’s share of sales of new cars accounted for the domestic brand Lada, and new foreign models were sold quite a bit.

Today the picture is completely different.

Well, now «

Surprisingly, in the salons of official dealers for the last year Russians

But since the prices of cars due to devaluation grew, in 2020, new cars in the Russian Federation were sold by 8.5% less than in 2019. To be accurate, then 1,433,956 passengers left the gate of car dealers, and a year earlier 1,567 thousand cars.

What automakers sell most of all cars and «keep» the Russian market? There are more than five dozen, but each of everyone is very different.

Conditionally automakers can be divided into the first, the second league of Russian car market players. And the weakest selling from several hundred cars to a pair of thousand can be attributed to the third league. But why talk about them, sales of their scant, and they do not particularly affect anything.

The first league of the players undoubtedly belongs to the first ten.

These 10 brands, which are presented in the diagram, had to

But the second and third place is the Korean couple —

But another 10 years ago, their present places at the turn of the first and second decade occupied

Turn to other first-line players. it

As for Japanese brands, they very slowly rent their position in the Russian Federation.

And of course, premium brands broke into the first league — BMW and Mercedes-Benz. In the crisis that we occupy periodically, sales of expensive cars have a certain «island of stability». In difficult times, budget sales seek, since the poor become poorer.

This is how the alignment for today on the Russian car market. Interestingly, in five years, about the first dozen will already probably «push»