Who is waiting for a new Opel Astra in Russia


The German brand Opel spreads goodbye to the Russian market in 2015. Not for whom it did not become a secret, which, at the heart of such a demarcha, lay a political moment, expressed in the deterioration of relations between Russia and the United States of the President of the President of Barack Obama.

At that time, the German brand was part of the American transnational giant General Motors. Opel and Chevrolet brands were presented in the Russian market.

Recall that the newest story has already been a precedent directly concerning our country. At the end of the first decade, the European division of GM was in a difficult financial situation: each year Opel produced hundreds of millions of euro losses. Neither the update of the model range, neither the transfer of production to the countries of Eastern Europe with cheap labor, neither the optimization of production processes is not helped.

Then the Russian Sberbank and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of autocomponents Canadian company Magna on parity conditions offered to the Americans to acquire a German brand. At the same time, partners have enlisted the support of the German federal government led by Frau Merkel, as well as the leaders of the five FRG lands, where Opel plants are located. Everything seems to be to the conclusion of the transaction,

But after that, General Motors continued to work in the Russian market. In 2011, GM even signed an agreement with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of the Russian Federation on the Investment Agreement under the conventional name «Promsbork-2». The agreement provided for the expansion of GM production facilities in the Russian Federation to 300 thousand cars per year, the construction of a plant for the production of engines and a number of other obligations. Recall that in addition to GM, such agreements under the terms of «Promsbork-2» were signed with AvtoVAZ, Ford and Volkswagen.

GM also took into account the features of the Russian consumer-motorist. At the Moscow International Auto Show in 2012, the world premiere of the Opel Astra sedan was held. The car was planned to produce only in the Russian Federation and soon put on the conveyor of the GM plant in St. Petersburg. But everything is simultaneously changed in 2015. The company in St. Petersburg was closed, production frozen, and cars of the Opel and Chevrolet brand left the Russian market. Today, U.


Since then, six years have passed. The German brand was purchased by the French Auto Gauge PSA (Peugeot-Citroen). But by agreement with GM, such an item was agreed — in Russia, Opel cars in which there are intellectual property of the American concern, they are not right to be sold.

Therefore, the Opel brand returned in 2019 was only possible on the aggregate basis of the French automaker. The first were two models: Opel Crossland crossovers and Opel Grandland X. Then on the conveyor

Here it costs to clarify. The fact is that we have in Russia

While the return of Opel to Russia, under the auspices of the French automaker, cannot be called triumphal. According to the European Business Association (AEB) last year, in the Russian car market, everything was sold … 581 car with zipper on the radiator. This is a very and very modest result. For the first two months of the current year, the exercise of Opel in the Russian Federation was 147 cars. I want to hoped that over time the popularity of the German brand will increase.

But the fact of the matter is that the Six years ago the Opel model was Astra six years ago. The car was positioned by B.

The new Opel Astra will be built on the French Emp2 platform

The appearance is more calm than the relative Peugeot 308. By the way, you can notice the rear rack without a small window, as well as separate rear lights, similar to the Mokka crossover.

And now let’s ask the most important question — will the position of the PSA concern quit the position (recently called Stellantis) to the Russian market a new Opel Astra? Our channel expects a positive solution to this issue.