Who is preparing the plan «Barbarossa» for the Russian market of crossovers


The Chinese brand of Haval in the near future will bring five new cars to the Russian market. It is assumed that the conclusion of new products will allow the brand to enter the leaders of the Russian crossover market. According to the statements of brand leaders, as a result, the volume of sales of cars of this Chinese brand in the next five years should increase, no much 10 times.

Today in the SUV class of the Russian car market, the Korean brand Hyundai occupies the first place. For eight months of this year, Koreans sold 62,684 crossovers. Korean brand KIA, located in the second place of the SUV class in Russia, sold 41,326 crossovers. The threesome three-class leaders of the French Renault could sell nearly 40 thousand SUV class cars.

In turn, Haval for the same period since the beginning of the year managed to sell 9,789 crossovers to Russians, that is, 6.5 times less than the class leader in the domestic market Hyundai.

Indeed, to become a leader of the SUV class in the Russian Federation, a Chinese brand need to increase sales repeatedly.

«Today we set a very ambitious goal — to become

Specific names of models and even brands (after all, in theory, we can talk about the brands Great Wall or Wey) are not called. But, we recall, recently at the HAVAL Tula plant, the GWM PAO pickup and the Wey VV6 and Haval H6 crossover crossovers were sequentially sequentially seen. In the press service of the brand, the grocery plans do not traditionally reveal.

«We do not comment on the future product strategy, but I can confirm that we are working to respond to existing customer requests. This means that in the future HAVAL will cover all segments of crossover and SUVs, «said the Russian newspaper in an interview with the Russian newspaper.

We will remind, now in the line of the brand are presented localized crossovers F7 and F7x, SUVs H5 and H9. In October, as reported, sales start

Following the eight months, Haval is the leader among Chinese sales companies. During this period, as we noted above, 9789 cars were implemented. By the end of the year, the company plans to implement 15 thousand cars to customers.

To create a highly wide model line at the HAVAL brand and other brands of the Great Wall automotive concern have excellent opportunities. First, for leadership, Hyundai Creta is needed in the SUV-B class. Haval H2 is suitable for this role. But in the summer he left the Russian market. So if his successor arrives in the Russian Federation, will he be able to fight Korean Bestseller?

Another popular Chinese may rise to the conveyor of the Tula enterprise «Havale Motor Manufechchuring». We are talking about Haval H6. In the network, a mysterious car on the Tula auto plant conveyor appeared on the network. We are talking about the third generation H6 crossover. The car turned out to be free and roomy of the predecessor, which it was possible to achieve due to the failure of the roof with the falling line. The length of the car was 4653 mm, the width is 1886 mm, and the height is 1730 mm, which is 53 mm, 26 mm and 10 mm more than the machine of the previous generation. The size of the wheelbase rose by 58 mm — up to 2738 mm.

Also this fall under Tula at the company HAVAL, which is also included in the Great Wall, was seen by the WEY VV7 crossover. This model is currently sold in China. The car is equipped with a two-liter four-cylinder turbo capacity of 227 hp, working paired with a seven-step robotic gearbox with two clutches.

Dear readers, how do you think, can the Chinese brand become №1 in the class SUV in Russia in five years? Write in the comments.