Where did the Chinese dump trucks disappear?


Even years old 10-15 years ago, Chinese dump trucks said loudly on the Russian market of construction equipment. It seemed that they penetrated all the corners of our immense country. They could be observed even on large-scale construction construction sites for international-level sports events. But today they are practically not visible. Our channel decided to deal with this metamorphosis: What happened to once a rapidly growing segment of Chinese building dump trucks?

Just a dozen years ago, foreign technician led the most powerful offensive in the domestic truck market. If the «Large European Seven» trucks are confidently felt in the segment of the tractor, both new ones and used. Also gained sales of sales used and new American equipment. That in the segment of building dump trucks, the championship was kept Chinese brands.

They simply flooded domestic construction sites. And importers of Chinese products were actively involved in the market. Then the trucks with unusual names were noticeable at construction sites:

The first «Chinese wave» chronologically coincided with the middle of the last decade. Recall, then 15 years ago the first «fat years» began in Russia. The price of oil has grown, the flow of petrodollars poured into the country and the construction boom began the 90s after the consistent crisis.

The state came up with federal projects, like «new roads of United Russia», or the project «Affordable and comfortable accommodation to citizens of the Russian Federation» and was allocated federal funds. Then then our builders and freight forwarders and began to try Chinese techniques, both dump truck and special construction: bulldozers, loaders, excavators, etc.

Because of the Amur to the territory of the Russian Federation in 2004, the first batch of chipseed equipment of Chinese production was imported. And then the import of products of the Chinese car industry Ros «like a snowball», ahead of even some brands of a large European seven. The second most importantly imported truck in the so-called «obese period», namely 2008 I became the HOWO dump truck, Sinotruck Corporation. And in the brand ranking of trucks of the Russian Federation, it rose to third place.

But then the crisis of 2009 was happening, which strongly sucking imports. Then, in the beginning recovery, the leader among Chinese dump trucks was changed. And in third place among import trucks in Russia, the Chinese brand Shaanxi was. The «explosive growth» of imports provided a new SHACMAN dump truck (Joint enterprise MAN and Shaanxi). If in 2010 the Russian-Chinese border crossed only 255 of these Chinese trucks, then a year later, their volume increased 13 times! At the same time, the overwhelming part of the 3300 trucks imported at that year had a dumping superstructure. Shaanxi overtook only by the number of imports of Scania and Man’s brand.

Two comments are appropriate here. Why exactly the cargo technique from the Middle Kingdom won the hearts of the heads of construction companies in Russia? First, the Chinese cargo car industry became a consequence of the Chinese «Economic Miracle». After all, at that time, the country became a huge construction site, and the construction dump truck by the «workshop» of numerous buildings in the substance. The rapid growth of enterprises producing trucks focused on the needs of the National Economy of the PRC. And, accordingly, in the territory of the PRC, the enterprises for the production of freight equipment began to grow, often in the form of joint ventures with leading manufacturers of Western companies.

Second moment.

But over time, the picture has changed somewhat. The government after the crisis of 2009 introduced a number of barrier measures. Therefore, it becomes gradually on the roads and construction sites, the Chinese technology becomes more and less.

But it is impossible to say that dump trucks from the miserable disappeared. Until now, the technique bought in past years. And new Chinese dump trucks continue to be imported into the country, however, not in those quantities as it was before.

And what does statistics show us? She certainly did not meet to recreate the objective picture of the Chinese segment of the freight equipment of the Russian car market. And here we see intriguing changes. According to the registrations of AA Avtostat-Info, the segment of new trucks leader among Chinese brands is Shaanxi (Shacman), which is 10th place in the Russian Federation, with a sales volume of 1,695 trucks. For comparison, Volvo sales over the past year amounted to 3,722 pcs.

But the most dynamic Chinese brand was FAW for the results of last year. According to Fav-Eastern Europe, LLC, 2020 in Russia, 743 FAW trucks were implemented in Russia, which almost 100% exceeds the same figure of 2019.

The sales growth of FAW technology last year is due to the demand for dump trucks with wheel formulas 6×4 and 8×4. Their share in the total volume of the implemented machines was 70%, which is 47% more than in 2019.

This brand has ambitious plans — despite the projected market fall in 2021 by 3-5%, FAW plans to increase sales by 10%. In addition, FAW intends to expand the dealer network in the territory of the Russian Federation. Of particular interest are the Volga and Ural Federal District.