When motor oil harms the engine


It is no secret that the choice of engine oil affects the status and operation of the engine. It does not matter what vehicle is talking about: it can be a passenger or cargo car, a motorcycle or snowmobile — a motor oil is necessary for good job. But not always after replacing the oil everything goes smoothly, and here it is important to find out what and when it went wrong.

To begin with, let the engine oil performs in the engine operation: it serves to reduce friction between metal surfaces, cooling and cleansing mechanisms from wear products. If at least one link falls out of this chain, the engine work will be at risk. With the worst scenario, the car simply will not reach the service. In order not to pay for the repair of the engine (which can sometimes do in the cost of a whole car), any driver must avoid multiple mistakes.

Invalid selection

The first thing to do when replacing engine oil is to choose it and make sure it is genuine. The negligence in this question can lead to the engineering of the surfaces of the engine, rapid wear and overheating of the nodes.

When using fake oil, the consequences may not always come immediately. Imagine the situation: counterfeit oil with a poor-quality package of detergent additives was flooded into the car. The driver traveled on such an oil year, all this time in some parts of the engine formed a flaw, which at first did not affect the engine. Then in the service he was replaced by oil to a quality product with good washing additives. Washing bunches have been scored in narrow oil channels, climbed and brought the engine out of order. Most likely the car owner will accuse the breakdown of the oil, thanks to which faults have surfaced.

In addition, the oil should well lubricate all high-loaded parts of the engine (piston group, crankshaft). If the formed oil film is not enough, the engine parts are extended faster. As a result, fine metal particles (wear products) may appear inside the engine (wear products), which will scratch the oil filter and fall in the pallet of the crankcase. The wear of the piston group and the location of the oil-chain rings will lead to increased oil consumption. Part it will fall into the combustion chamber and fly out on the street together with exhaust, forming a gray smoke.

By the way, the selection of oil according to the specification not only prolongs the life of the engine, but also eliminates the car owner from problems in warranty service at the dealer.

Saving on the replacement of oil

Not only the use of poor-quality engine oil can lead to the engineering of the engine parts, but also in principle its rare replacement.

In the Recommendations for the operation of the car, unrealistic mileage numbers can often be seen. The manufacturer offers to change engine oil every 15-20 thousand kilometers. This is a tricky interservice interval, because in post-warranty service manufacturers and dealers are not interested. For them, it is important that the car is without any problems departure its warranty period, and the client remained loyal to the brand. But in the future, this may lead to serious problems. To protect yourself from breakdowns in the future — cut the replacement interval, which recommends the manufacturer, one and a half or two times (carefully read the service book — there are usually prescribed conditions for reducing the oil replacement interval in different units). For gasoline engine optimally about
10 thousand kilometers, and for diesel — about 7. For those who are focused on the load indicator of the working motor, an approximate oil change interval — 200-250 hours.

Save on the replacement of engine oil is always a bad idea, especially in the difficult conditions of operation of the car. And «difficult conditions» will be found in each region of Russia: we have an unstable level of fuel quality, Moscow traffic jams, Siberian cold and Caucasian mountains, city short runs, etc ..

For the engine to serve the owner for a long time, it is important to select high-quality oil to access the car manufacturer and change it regularly. To accurately not be mistaken, you can stop your choice on brands with a wide range. Among the Wolf motor oils, almost any car owner will find a suitable product. In ruler