What route awaits AvtoVAZ


Reflections on the fate of the largest domestic automaker AvtoVAZ today can often be found in the automotive part of the Internet. Often these forecasts are based on assumptions and rumors. However, being part of Renault Groupe today, which has a vast experience of foreign expansion and a large number of foreign branches working on various car markets, one can accurately determine some of the essential aspects of future transformations of the Russian factory in Tolyatti.

Therefore, our story today about the largest foreign asset of the French group is a huge Oyak Renault plant in Turkey. We already concerned

Plant Oyak Renault is the same age of our AvtoVAZ, the production of cars with rhombic on the radiator began in Bursa in 1971. We will remind, in Tolyatti, the mass production of «Zhiguli» started a year earlier in the 1970s. But if the Turkish enterprise was integrated into the structure of the French automaker, and the model range was regularly updated there, then on AvtoVAZ, for a long time the main models were the «Zhiguli», whose progenitor was the Italian car FIAT-124. On this historical excursion, complete the faster to go with modernity.

Recently, a presentation of a new car took place in the Turkish city of Bursa

Indeed, the new sedan is announced in Turkey. And this is not good. Today in the dealer centers of the neighboring state, the second generation of Logan is sold, however, it is called another name, more familiar to the Turkish ear, and is called

Remember, a long time ago, the Type of Turkish Assembly based on Renault Clio is also supplied to us. These Symbol were unsuccessful because it was seen how the trunk was stuck to the decent European hatchback. It turned out a kiguzaya car. But back to the new time.

A full-fledged presentation of the Renault Taliant model will be held in summer. In the meantime, the French company only opened the appearance of this car. And here it lies the whole point of the story about the presentation of this model. It will have a somewhat different appearance than the Romanian analogue of the Dacia Logan-III of the third generation, which is already produced since last year. AvtoVAZ will clearly release a car for the Russian market for appearance similar to Taliant. Photo images It can be noted that Renault Taliant differs from the new generation of Logan on the conveyor of the Romanian company Dacia. There is another hood, the other side line, etc. But Renault Taliant will be produced in Turkey, at the Oyak Renault plant in the city of Bursa on the coast of the Marmara Sea, where the Light Presentation was held.

It will replace the existing generation of Symbol, which is actually Renault Logan-II, which is produced and sold in our Russian Federation. True, in Symbol for the Turkish market, a slightly different engine line: it is «under Europe», including a gasoline engine with a volume of 0.9 liters, the developing capacity of 90 hp and Diesel 1.5 Blue DCI, outstanding 95 hp The first motor is produced in Romania, but Diesel in Bursa.


The production complex in Turkish Bursa is slightly smaller than the scale than the Russian AvtoVAZ. In the past 2020 «Covia», a Turkish enterprise produced 308,568 cars, AvtoVAZ in Togliatti a little more (354 thousand). But at the same time, the Turkish company sent on the export of 211,954 cars to the markets more than 50 countries. This is two thirds of the release of Oyak Renault cars. AvtoVAZ, in turn, works almost to the domestic market of the Russian Federation. The export rate is small, and the cars from the coast of Volga mainly go to the markets of the CIS countries.

Turkish Plant Oyak Renault Like Russian AvtoVAZ Complete Cycle Enterprise. It also has a motor factory and production of gearboxes and a number of other components. Since 1971, when the release of engines began, more than 6 million power units were released, naturally, the development of Renault. And in 2018, a large production center was laid here for the production of aluminum blocks of cylinders.

Last year, the company issued 431,337 engines.

AvtoVAZ, as you know, there are also lines for the production of motors of its own development and licensed. The first can produce up to 1,000,000 motors, and the second up to 300,000 power units of foreign origin. In general, the venue of AvtoVAZ can produce 950 thousand cars per year.

One europe — other severity and rigidity

But the most interesting thing is the model line and model policy of Turkish Oyak Renault. As is known, the Renaulution plan AvtoVAZ, and more precisely, the LADA brand is prescribed over the next five-year period. The transition to the Renault CMF-B platform with gradual folding release of its own model line and integration with the Romanian manufacturer Dacia.

In turn, the model line Oyak Renault is constantly updated together with the advent of new generations of the French concern car — this process is actually synchronously. There in Turkey there is no such that the new Renault model is delayed for two or three years, as it happens. The last example is a delay for three years of the new Renault Duster: it appeared in the European markets in 2017, and we started sales only in the current year.

The thing is that Oyak Renault is in the system of separation of the French automaker. What does this mean for the model line? And everything is very simple — synchronous update. The main backbone, if so you can put the Turkish enterprise — the Renault Clio family. This is a typical European Saltra, who belongs to the popular class in the Old World Class V. For a couple of years ago, here in Turkey released the Fourth Generation Renault Clio-IV hatchback and the Renault Clio Sport Tourer wagon. Last year, this generation was removed from production and included in the manufacturing program the most modern version — Renault Clio-V, which is released from the last year. Today in Turkey produced 80% of the general release of the model. Some time on the conveyor produced two Slio — the previous and current generation of Renault Clio.

Also here in Turkish bursa produced

AvtoVAZ in an idea should be prepared by the same fate in Renault Groupe, however, in Tolyatti, according to Renaulution plans, a new generation of Lada Niva will be produced.

By the way, since Turkey has many agreements and enters many regional and interstate associations, more than 30% of world automotive markets in front of the Turkish car industry. What you can not say about the Russian Federation. Therefore, Lada promote significantly harder and took into account the Renault Group.