What imported cars love Russians


The Russian motorist has always loved foreign cars. But if three dozen years ago in the USSR, he could only look with envy after the removing «Volvo» or «Volkswagen» with diplomatic numbers, and then only in the capital and the capitals of the Union republics. But after the borders were discovered and the stream of used cars rushed into the country, he fulfilled his dream about a foreign car. The car has become not just affordable, but also by the measure of prestige, status. But the state, as if supporting, began to start the obstacles to the shaft of foreign cars, which crossed both the Western border and the Far Eastern. We decided in the tops that it is better to build a foreign car with us, and the used cars are not allowed into the country. We will not delve into this topic, because so far the problem of used cars from Japan has not been solved. What our channel has repeatedly told.

Today, about 13-15% of cars in the Russian car market is satisfied by imports. In the top five leading countries, with the automobiles of which the collected cars come to us, enter

But what is interesting, and what brands and models go to us at the dealerships of official dealers?

According to the study of AA «Avtostat», 13% of the total accounted for cars

Also does not cover the entire model range and production of Toyota cars at the factory in St. Petersburg, where the Camry business sedan and the RAV4 crossover are released.

Next, in third place among brands should

And now about specific models of cars.

The most popular imported foreign car in the Russian car market was the SUV

Second place in the model ranking of imported cars occupies a crossover

But in third place — sensation. Chinese crossover from the Republic of Belarus —

Another Chinese in fourth place is

This is how the alignment of imported cars has changed. And 10 years ago he was completely different. You can’t guess what model was the most massive imported foreign car? Let’s not, dear readers experience your patience. The most popular new imported foreign car at the end of last decade was