This Ural compensates with KAMAZ on the construction site


The new domestic construction dump truck «Ural» was presented in Sochi in a closed show.

Recently, the domestic automaker — the «Ural» car factory from Miass surprised us a multi-axis chassis about which

It is already actually ready for serial production. Recall that at last year’s exhibition COMTRANS-2019 we saw the exhibition layout of the dump truck, without access in his cabin. And representatives of AZ «Ural» told only the memorized indicators that they were allowed to sound.

Now the Ural highway decided to open many characteristics and secrets of this new domestic dump truck. The new road dump truck URAL C35 EK-5 is indicated by the C33 index. Letter C denotes the word «construction», but the riddle — what does the number 33 mean? Since the full mass of the car, as indicated in the table below, is 35 tons with a loading capacity of 21,200 kg.

The car has a 6×4 wheel formula. It has an inline 6-cylinder turbodiesel NMZ-653 with a volume of 11.1 liters, which develops a capacity of 420 liters. with. (1 900 nm of torque). This unit is built on

Model URAL C35 EK-5 was created on the frame and the aggregate base of the Babood Road model «Ural Next». The leading bridges are Chinese from Hande. Pendant on all axes dependent, spring, drum brakes. Fast Gear gearbox also has Chinese roots. The cab is borrowed from Iveco Turbostar Sample 1984.

The cabin is seriously upgraded: the appearance is changed, inside there is a multifunctional steering wheel, a digital dashboard, a multimedia system, air conditioning. The gearbox is equipped with a cable drive.

On board a truck can take a load of 21.2 tons. The total weight of the vehicle, as we have said, 35 tons. The maximum speed is 90 km / h. In the sale of novelty must be received in 2021 and become a competitors budget model KAMAZ 6520, equipped with a 400-horsepower Cummins.

The cost of the novelty has not yet been called, but at the exhibition, the Urals people promised to make it very attractive — approximately 4.5 million rubles. Will it be possible to keep the price in these parameters, we will soon find out.

It is worth noting. In 2010, a memorandum was signed in Beijing during the official visit of the President of the Russian Federation between the GAZ group and the Chinese automaker, the AZ «Ural» in Miass will be created by the joint venture, selling and maintenance of trucks in the Russian Federation with «potential exit For export markets. » The parties suggest use in the project of a new line of diesel engines of the YAMZ-650 and medium diesel engines of the YAMZ-530. As part of the cooperation of the Russian and Chinese companies, it is assumed that gas will provide production facilities at the Urals, dealership and service network, and the FAW product, technology and its own service and sales network in the Russian Federation.

As we see, for some reason, direct cooperation with Chinese partners did not specify, and the domestic automaker was able to design themselves using a number of Chinese components, to build, test, and now, and launch a new construction dump truck into mass production.