They will «blow up» car market of Russia


The entire European Automotive Press revorted the new generation of the Romanian car Dacia Logan. Now and then there are such diffirable such as: «The new Romanian Sedan Logan has never been so elegant as in the new generation. Very good car. » This is an opinion from one post-socialist country of Eastern Europe. But mostly in this part of the old continent pay attention to the Sandero and StepWay models. The audience is wondering there, what to wait in different trim in this car? List what was not in the second generation of the car.

That is, the presentation of these cars caused the largest interest of the automotive audience and the expert community. It is important for us that the question is also asked, and what will be the new Logan / Sandero family in the renault border for the Latin American and Russia markets. It’s no secret that there is the path of the Romanian brand Dacia ordered, and Renault Group cars are sold here under a quadrangular rhombus.

Russia is the second largest market for Renault Groupe: in our country, 448 thousand cars were sold in our country (including LADA). It is more than sold in Germany and Italy, combined (they occupy the third and fourth place in Renault Groupe). Therefore, the approach to the Russian market (as well as the markets of Latin American countries) will be verified.

Recall that the strategy of the French group in Russia is to divide two stamps on a price ground — Renault and Lada. As noted by the head of Eurasia in Renault Groupe Nicolas, Nicolas: «There are several segments: Lada is located in lowland, in the SUV segment — Arkana, Kaptur, Duster, between them — a segment with Logan, Sandero, Lada Xray.» It is from such positions to consider all the innovations of Renault and Lada.

We also recall the current year of the program of exit from the crisis of the French company Renault. As for Russia, there was a record, which sounded in the original: «Study of the Adaptation of the Group’s Production Capacities in Russia», which means «Analysis of the adaptation of the Group’s production in Russia». So, the new generation of Logan / Sandero will be adapted to the Russian Federation.

In expert domestic automotive circles, among the part of this community, there is still an opinion that the Russian market is the third generation Renault Logan / Sandero will be released through a couple of years with a new design similar to Romanian new products, but on the Global Access platform, that is, that trolley on which built Renault Arkana, updated Renault Kaptur and the new second generation Duster, which Russians will see only in the second half of next year, and more precisely, in the fall of 2021

However, the survey that we spent among the expert automotive community showed that the French automaker does not make any sense to «hoist» a new design on the old platform, as it happened to the Renault Kaptur crossover. First, the new third generation of Logan / Sandero will not go along the path Volkswagen / Skoda, when the new body of the polo / rapid models was installed on the old PQ25 platform.

Today, Renault has a relatively «fresh» modular CMF-B platform and its use with a large number of models carries in itself the synergy effect. That is, due to the mass, the cost is reduced. For developing markets, there is a simplified version of the platform marked with the LS prefix (Low Specification). Therefore, it does not make sense to engage in such a «capturing» of the third generation Logan / Sandero.

We give another argument. The Global Access platform leading its pedigree from the old Renault B0 platform has one outstanding characteristic, which is often not remembered. It can build cars with a full drive. But on CMF-B there is no such possibility. But there is also no need for a complete drive for the Logan / Sandero family. There is such a need for domestic Lada cars, which will replace the current LADA 4×4 and Lada Niva models. It is these cars intended for the audience from the deep Russia, where often instead of destinations, need all-wheel drive high-water cars. And here the front-wheel drive crossovers can not do.

In the European Press, which our channel regularly monitors, has already been statements that the next generation of Dacia Duster-III crossover, which will move on CMF-B, will lose the full drive. But they are not critical to the Europeans. If we consider that we have 89% of the sales of the model, even the most uninitiated car market, will say, such a car will not need to Russians.

But back to the new generation of Renault Logan / Sandero. As for the power gamma, the opinions of our experts dissolved somewhat. Some believe that while in the Russian Federation there is no transition to rigid eco-6 type eco-6 under the hood, most likely, you can see the old good and usual motors of French development K7M and K4M. What motors will definitely not be in the «Russian Logan», so these are those that are installed on a new generation in Europe. Recall that the Logan / Sandero of the third generation was obtained by gasoline 3-cylinder motors 1.0 with a capacity of 65, 90 and 100 hp Last and in the bit fuel version. It should be understood that in Europe now the strict euro-6d eco-6d. To us, here in the Russian Federation, only in a few years euro-6 threatens. Therefore, the RENAULT H4M engine will definitely be left (1.6 liters), which is known for the current version of cars, developing 113 hp. What will be junior engines?

We need to understand that the largest domestic automaker AvtoVAZ also works on this topic. In Togliatti, they immediately prepare two new projects on the engine with the designation — New Pwt Range Development Line-Up and Non-Line-Up. No details, in addition to the name of the project, are not reported. It is still known that the company’s plans on this occasion are quite long-term, and new engines can see light on the freaks from 2022 to 2026. This will be a new line of power plants for domestic production LADA. Will them be adapted for Renault unknown.

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