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Against the background of the sale of car sales on the Russian car market, the number of models presented in the salons of official dealers is reduced. Moreover, this process has been observed for a long time since 2014. Unambiguously, the former wealth of choice will not be. Automakers will scrupulously calculate whether it is worthwhile to put on sale every new model in Russia.

Recall that over the past 6-7 years, the number of models decreased by about 30%. If in 2014 in the Russian market was presented

There is another process on this unfavorable background: dimensions and shares of a number of cars are decreasing. Today, according to the results, it can be stated that in Russia, the size class of compact representatives was practically died, decreased dramatically in size

In principle, who was in Italy, probably noted about himself how popular there is exactly this class of cars A. But we do not have solar appetines, and our babies traditionally serve as an object of irony, it is enough to recall the jokes about «Zaporozhets». So the time came up when it all became irrelevant.

But nevertheless, more regrettals causes a slow outset of the measured class with

But more than about 10-15 years ago, it accounted for a third of the Russian market of new cars. What we constantly remind of leadership

In recent years, in this class, we lost very good models, such as

If you continue the loss in the class C, then you can remember

Of course, it is possible to continue to continue pouring «crocodile tears», but this process is objective, and the outcome continued in the past 2020. Two models of class C — Mazda 3 and Geely Emgrand have been gone. True, these automakers bring crossovers instead, for example,

But despite such an unfavorable background, some automakers do not lose hope for quite good prospects for cars of this class in Russia. Last year, for example, German

Another premiere — new

But that’s not all. Another bestseller

Our channel concentrated all data on car sales in Russia for the year. And that’s what a picture from us turned out.

Class with in Russia holds on two brands —

It is especially sad that already the year in a row French cars Citroen C4 and Peugeot 408 are at the very end of the list. But these cars are localized and their assembly is conducted in Kaluga at the PSMA factory. But Fortuna turned away in Russia from them.

Recall, in the European market, the vehicle cars with the most popular segment for many years. In united Europe sold more than 2 million such cars.

You can present that cognitive dissonance when the automaker this model is in the neighboring European market, and in the Russian Federation, and in the Russian Federation it does not find demand.

But still, the class of these cars is alive, demand though and decreased, but there are sales, albeit small. And that this class of cars will die, I can not believe. Yes, his folk sedans of the class B strongly sweat. In addition, part of motorists moved to crossovers.

Table 1 Most Popular New Models Class from the Russian Market