The outcome of cars from Russia continues


The drying of the model series of foreign automakers in Russia began from the period 2014-2015, after the country has occurred the devaluation of the national currency and the cutting of the car market. Our channel detail

Washing the most intense models is simply explained, sales of such cars do not justify the overcoming of all barriers that are expensive for auto producers. Here today, the news car belt brought news that two models of European automakers go from the Russian car market —

Information that the Liftbek Volkswagen Arteon is no longer sold in Russia, it became known after the official website of the brand in the section of the model range disappeared the mention of this car. Thus, this car was available in the Russian Federation for only a few months.

This heir to VW Passat CC could bring us back in 2017 after its premiere. But he passed the certification only at the end of 2019. The car has two motors — 2-liter reducing units for 190 and 280 hp In combination with the «robot» DSG-7 and front-wheel drive. And on sale the model arrived even six months later, and only with a less powerful engine.

Volkswagen Arteon essentially got to us in a very difficult period. Is it worth surprising sales results: in June — 1 «Arteon», in July — 12, in August — 28, in September — 40. These are low indicators even against the background of frankly weak demand for VW Passat, which for the same period has developed a circulation more 300 copies.

Today in Volkswagen model range in Russia, six models of passenger cars — Liftbek Polo, Jetta sedan, Tiguan crossovers, Teramont and Touareg crossovers, as well as already mentioned Passat. Four models are imported, two — local assembly. True, Volkswagen promises soon to bring the Skoda KaroQ class crossover, which is represented in other markets as VW Tarek or VW Taos. The German concern is important to take an empty place in the SUV-B segment. This model of the German concern will be local production, that is, it does not have to overcome various barrier barriers issued for imported cars. Moreover, Volkswagen will become one of

The rate on the local production of its models and the flaw in the promotion of senior models led to the fact that from the South Korean Renault Koleos crossover disappeared from the model range of the French automaker.

Renault Koleos crossover was offered from 1.699 million rubles, and the top version was 2.338 million rubles. In the motor gamma there were atmospheric gasoline engines with a capacity of 144 and 171 hp. And Turbodiesel in 177 forces. All versions were aggregated by the variator and were all-wheel drive.

For the first 9 months of this year, 282 units of Renault Koleos were sold. In the Moscow office of the French automaker, it is believed that the departure of the crossover will not affect sales in Russia.

Indeed, on the background of sales RENAULT DUSTER (20,989 pieces for 9 months. 2020), Renault Kaptur (12,914 pcs.) And Renault Arkana (12,024 pcs.) Sales of «Koleos» look meager.

On the other hand, it shows that at one time a bet on budget cars at the consumer was formed a certain stereotype of perception