The most profitable car is waiting for an update


In the Russian car market, the Hyundai Creta model brought the greatest revenue. Today it is the most profitable car author’s car. From January to November of the last 2020, this crossover was sold in the Russian Federation in the amount of 65,490 pieces in the amount of 78.2 billion rubles. According to this indicator, Hyundai Creta is leading with a small margin from Kia Rio, which in the same period showed revenue from sales of 72.8 billion rubles (76,941 pcs.). As you can see, in car dealerships it is more profitable to sell crossovers.

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The first restyling crossover Hyundai Creta in the Russian market suffered last spring. It turned out to be very modest: the prestaling car can be determined by the radiator grille. There was also a different pad on the rear bumper. And the interior remained at all. Unlike the Russian Federation, restyled cars for the markets of China, India or South America updated more largely.

What will bring the second generation Hyundai Creta debut? Hyundai reported that in 2021, a second generation crossover will begin at the factory in St. Petersburg, and the start of sales will be held in June. It remains not to wait so long.

The Korean automaker reports not reported on technical points. In particular, with which aggregates, the new Creta will be available on the Russian market. For example, in Mexico, where such machines are already selling, the engine gamma includes gasoline atmospheric and turbockers, and Turbodizel is also proposed with them in India. Apparently, the Russian line of engines is likely to continue to consist of 1.6 liters and 2.0 liters with atmospheric motors. These are well familiar power units installed on the current versions of the model. Also, the new Creta will have all-wheel drive modifications that are not in foreign markets. Official information about the model for Russia will be published closer to the start of sales.

Well, what will be the exterior of the car can be judged by photographs of foreign analogues.

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