The last chance of Peugeot.


The French automaker displays its European bestseller to Russia

Do not carry the Peugeot French brand in Russia. Not lucky and his partner in the Citroen Alliance. And it seems to be good cars, they represent, but some kind of evil rock pursues the French brand on the seventh of the sushi.

Look, here it would seem, the most popular car in the idea was to become a Peugeot 408 sedan. The release of which was mastered at the Kaluga plant of PSMA, and Citroen C4 is also produced. Excellent machines, no less inferior to competitors in their technical specifications. But they do not go to our deep people. Let’s turn to the harsh truth of statistics. For the first 9 months of this year, Peugeot 408 has searched in Russia by circulation … 156 copies !!! This failure, a grand failure.

More than peugeot 408 sedans are for sale only one model of crossovers of this brand. So, PEUGEOT 3008 has been due to the period in due date, we purchased 494 Russian motorists. And here we are seeing despair gesture. The leadership of the French company decided to bring the new generation of the European crossover Peugeot 2008 to the Russian market.

Note that the first generation Peugeot 2008 PAR recorder as well as all the brand «Peugeot» could not boast of great popularity in the Russian market. Previously, the start of sales in Russia was scheduled for the spring of this year, but it had to be transferred: as reported in the Russian representative office of Peugeot, we have new generation crossovers will appear in the next few weeks. There were already the first details on the modifications of the parkest company, which will be available on the Russian market.

We will bring only cars with three-cylinder gasoline turbo-cylinder PURETECH volume of 1.2 liters. Basic version of the engine produces 100 hp. and 205 nm, and its forced version issues 130 hp and 230 nm. The junior engine works in a pair with a six-speed «mechanics», and a six-speed «automatic» is available for a 130-strong motor. Drive only front. Add, unlike the European market, the top version with a capacity of 155 hp, as well as diesel and completely electrical options on the Russian market will not appear.

The parckarter is equipped with a new touchscreen media system with a diagonal of 5, 7 or 10 inches, navigator, support for Apple CarPlay and Android Auto interfaces, four USB connectors and a wireless charging for a smartphone. Panoramic roof will be offered for surcharge.

The first cars will appear from dealers until the end of the year. We will bring the spanish buildings from the very plant, from where the Peugeot-301 sedan was brought from. At the Kaluga Plant, PSMA will not plan a parquetor. Therefore, there will be no gentle price. Apparently the price will start from 1.6 million rubles.