The dedication of social networks.


The social network VK has banned advertising the replacement of the catalyst, calculating it with interference in the design of the car. But not everyone, but selectively. On the principles of discrimination of VC does not apply.

Case with a ban

Last week an interesting scandal broke out. The VKontakte network refused one of the service station, a member of the Union of Car Service, in placing advertising on the replacement of the catalyst, motivating this by the fact that «according to the law, the catalyst is a component of the vehicle, and its replacement is a change in the design of the vehicle → for which the service must have an operator accreditation certificate THEN.»

The union of auto services pay attention that the intervention in the design of the car is the removal of the catalyst, but not its replacement. It turns out that the replacement of the oil is also interference in the design of the car and it is also necessary to prohibit it. Unfortunately, references to the law, which is guided by the network, forbidden advertising the replacement of the catalyst, the technical support of the network of the VC has not provided. Below we give references to laws and register acts that determine what can be advertised and what is interference in the design of the car.

One can, then no

VK is actively attracting business in advertising, in 2020 MK conducted a large conference for the auto business and invited to spend money in his advertising office.

Network VK sisite replacement advertising and even removal of catalysts, which is prohibited by law and dangerous to people’s health

What does the law require

Absurd looks like «Prohibitors» 450-page document (the technical regulations of the Customs Union on the safety of wheeled vehicles «018/2911) and the justify its position. The correct decision — VK must show the current norm, which introduces a direct ban on the replacement of a faulty catalyst to a serviceable one. Up to this point, they cannot prohibit anything. Moreover, this question does not apply to the Company’s accreditation certificate as a paragraph of the TRP.

Advertisers are responsible for the content of the advertising. You advertise services (work). In accordance with paragraph 6 of Article 7 of the Federal Law of March 13, 2006 No. 38-ФЗ «On Advertising», advertising distributers are responsible only for the distribution of advertising of work, which are subject to mandatory certification or state accreditation, but do not have it. No work related to the repair of cars, their alteration or amendments to the design in the Russian Federation are neither certification or accreditation. Let the Lord from the VC sleep peacefully. They walked.

What the «Support Team» writes is not a PDD item. This is the item «Applications»

Someone the Lord from VC authorized to ensure road safety? If not, why do they refer to the document that does not apply to them?

Clause 7.18 of this «application» says that the operation of the vehicle is prohibited. if:

7.18. Changes were made to the design of the vehicle without the permission of the State Safety Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation or other bodies defined by the Government of the Russian Federation.

The words «catalyst» in this text are not.

Who determined that the catalyst replacement is a change in the design of the vehicle? Let it be shown this definition.

Paragraph 6 TC TC 018/2011 determines that

«Amendments to the design of a vehicle» — an elimination of the component parts and items not provided for by the design of a particular vehicle, made after the vehicle output and affecting road safety; «

Therefore, the coordination with the traffic police authorities is subject to only what was — did not, or was not — added. But only on condition that these changes affect the safety of the road.

In relation to catalysts, it is not defined by anywhere, they affect security. If the Lord somewhere in TP TS 018/2011 they read it, let them show.

Regarding the system of output in current operation in paragraph 9.1 of Appendix No. 8 Tr Ts 018/2011, there is one single rule: the composition of exhaust gases must comply with the environmental class of the car. There is a check-in table. It does not matter what is installed in the release system. If everything remains within the framework of the environmental class of this car, complaints from the part of the TS 018 is not.

9.1. Emission Requirements

9.1.1. The content of carbon monoxide (CO) and hydrocarbons (CH) in the exhaust vehicle gases with gasoline and gas engines in the idle mode at minimum and increased rotation frequencies of the engine should not exceed the values established by the manufacturer for the purpose of assessing the conformity of the vehicle type before it Release into circulation, and in the absence of such data — should not exceed the values specified in Table 9.1.

TP TC 018/2011 Definitely determines how the state of vehicles in operation is controlled. Who is responsible for the technical condition. What is verified and as checked. This is Chapter 3. «Checking the fulfillment of requirements for vehicles in operation» and Chapter 4. Checking the fulfillment of requirements for vehicles in operation, in case of changes in their design, «paragraphs 72 — 80. Based on these items, , what:

The fulfillment of the requirements of this technical regulation on the operational vehicles are provided by the owners (owners) of vehicles.


Vehicles are not subject to verification in the following cases:

1) When installing components on a vehicle:

intended for this vehicle and past assessment of conformity as part of this vehicle, which is confirmed by the documentation of the manufacturer of components;

provided by the manufacturer of the vehicle in the operational documentation;

Do you install a catalyst that is intended for this car according to the catalog? Then it is not a change in the design, even if the catalyst affects safety.

What’s the accreditation as a GTO operator, it is generally difficult to understand. The Lords equally may require the accreditation of a hundred as a surgical office.

The main thing for them is to correspond to clause 6 of Article 7 of the Law «On Advertising». It is completely from another area. Not about catalysts

I would have been glad if the presence of a catalyst was controlled, it would be easier to work and explain to people their financial inconsistency

Guessing right for this purpose. He has 2 functions:

Do not release a potentially dangerous car on the road, which becomes during operation.

Do not release a car that pollutes the environment to a greater extent than it should according to the design.