The Chinese in Russia changed the leader


If we consider long-term trends, the Russian automotive market is becoming more and more Asian. 10 years ago, in aggregate to Japanese, Korean and Chinese brands, we had a third of new cars (33.6%). Today, in 2020, after the rapid growth of the beginning of the decade and fall and the stagnation of his second half, at the Asians already accounted for a share of 45% of the Russian car market of new cars. Apparently, soon, they will be half the market, and maybe more. The other part is European on the origin of the brand, sharply reduced the presence of American brands, in addition and domestic Lada, and UAZ, which will not leave anywhere.

In our material we will touch only the scenario of the most dynamic part of the «Asian spectrum» of the domestic car market of new cars. During the analysis of statistical data, we were attracted by such a fact, it turns out that the leader has changed in the Chinese segment. A long time for the new Chinese champion Haval was primarily among the new Chinese.

This leadership and the situation, many perceived as natural, because this brand is acting in the Russian market since 2015, when it was announced the construction of his own auto plant in the Tula region. And in the summer of last year, when the company began production of Haval F7 at the enterprise, on the first copy of this car, the signatures of Comrade Si Jinping, Chairman of the PRC, and the President of the Russian Federation Putin.

However, by the past November, the alignment among the Chinese segment of the Russian car market has changed. And significantly. First, the diagram is clearly visible three «pillar» of the Chinese segment — Geely, Chery and Haval, as well as the Changan-tightening. The remaining Chinese brands have a low level of sales, and are outsiders of Chinese expansion in the Russian Federation. In general, this is the overall picture.

Secondly, the HAVAL brand began to slow down and reduce sales volumes. If in July in the Russian Federation, according to Avtostat-info agency, 1744 cars of the HAVAL brand were registered, then in November already 1362.

So for several months, Mark Haval passed its leadership title on the Russian car market. But if you take a deep look into this process, you can see the reason for this castling that we tried to show the sign below.


It is due to a decrease in the popularity of the localized flagship — HAVAL F7. In turn, a small increase in the sale of models of the Haval F7x cross-coupe and the HAVAL H5 frame SUV could not demrecate the decline in sales of the flagship model.

Geely has a different picture. Sales of the flagship model Geely Atlas are fairly stable, and practically twice the sale of this year of this year Geely Coolray has grown.

And yet it is interesting to deal with what the secret of the growing popularity of the Geely car brand. They can also be considered localized models, as they are produced in the Republic of Belarus — one of the States parties to the Customs Union.

In this regard, why is interesting to Russian buyers Mark Geely can be viewed on the results of the survey of the owners of these cars. In principle, everyone says that cars are located in a comfortable zone at the ratio of «price / quality» ratio, and the owners note good equipment, a pleasant appearance and comfort. It is important that the motorist is satisfied with the interior and design, handling and quality of assembly. However, there is a precipitate from insufficient efficiency, and simply high fuel consumption, weak straight-colorful coating and overclocking dynamics.