The Chinese did not pass.


Despite the restoration of the car market after a pandemic, it was not possible to fix it in the global automotive elite. Even Geely in the Union with Swedish Volvo could not climb into a high global top rating, where the robust positions hold the concerns and alliances of the world’s leading automotive groups.

Our channel said that in the market of new cargo equipment, Chinese automakers, have already fastened eminent with a multi-year history of the company.

The unique situation in 2020, due to famous events, did not bypass the car market. All automakers, with rare exception, reduced sales.

Well, now specifically about each ranking participant. The largest world automaker remained

The second position occupied

Table 1 Rating of leading automakers and groups in 2020.

In the top three leaders of the global car market of the sample 2020 fell

In fourth place in the global automotive table of ranks —

Closes the first five

On the sixth position

Another American member, though presented now as a participant

As you can see, in the world rating, Chinese automakers made their way, they settled in the second and third ten and are there along with the second-line car players, such as the Japanese Suzuki Concern and a number of others.

Thus, while in the global automotive world, such a factor as a pandemic did not radically change the placement of forces in the world car market.