The anniversary of the «strange» Nissan


The popularity of compact crossovers began 10 years ago. Prior to that, SUVs were associated mainly with large «mouse» and «patrols». But with the advent of Nissan Juke, small SUVs became an extremely popular class, which takes customers of traditional segments. Our channel decided to penetrate the story of the «strange» Nissan.

We have in Russia and 10, and 20 years ago there were LADA 4×4, Chevrolet Niva, but, despite the compact sizes, they were still male cars, they could not be called urban parquets. These are machines for the conquest of off-road, for not the most wealthy segments of the population, living in the main thing in the outback. And also for lovers of departure to nature: to hunt, fishing, where the usual «Puzoterka» will not pass. There is a different case of European countries with their fundamentally other road conditions and cramped city streets.

With the advent of the Nissan Juke car, there was an interesting process on the European market, which led to the fact that at present the parquets with small off-road characteristics became a very popular class of machines, which account for about 30-40% of all sales of new passenger cars of the old continent . In this category, the so-called small SUVs play a key role, dominant over the past few years — Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008. The popularity of this segment began to grow even before they appear. Because ten years ago, when the first generation of Nissan Juke was published on the market, which gave the start of this process. It should be noted that Qashqai appeared in the Nissan model range, but it was Nissan Juke that is considered a pioneer of small SUVs, also called SUV-B, which was later popularized by the first generation of today’s bestsellers of this category, Renault Captur and Peugeot 2008, published in 2013 .

Our reader will ask, why do we consider this category of cars, because we have neither Captur, nor «Little Lion’s» 2008 market, have not gained popularity. But the fact of the matter is that the same Captur was reborn and became Kaptur. And along with a more utilitarian DUSTER, class trends are determined.

Recall that the first generation of Nissan Juke for a very long time on modern standards lasted in production, as well as until 2019, when it was replaced by the second generation after more than 1.5 million cars were sold. On Moscow and other streets, no, no, but flashes in the automobile stream of Juke, the steering wheel, as a rule, is a representative of the beautiful half of humanity.

Unfortunately, these parkettails could be much more in Russia. But Nissan decided to focus only on operations with locally produced in our country at its own plant models Qashqai, X-Trail, Murano. But the JUKE places were not found there, the demand was small, because the costs of the organization were considered inappropriate. Apparently, our ladies-motorists repel a revolutionary design. Owning such a car some considered the challenge to our dull and gray being. But still, our story is not about this, but about success, about how this success was caught.

Work with pure sheet

Today, this segment is considered popular in European markets, so the output of cars with an interesting design is not risky. In particular, Toyota is added to the number of players, which will offer a small Yariscross SUV next 2021. But ten years ago there were no players on it, in fact, his story was written with a clean sheet. And here the merit of Nissan specialists who love to go and are not afraid of non-traditional approaches. Previously, the class of crossovers in the European market popularized Nissan Qashqai. The release of which began since 2007. You can cite another example of this approach. This is Nissanleaf, which today has become the most sold electric car in the world at a time when other manufacturers are just designed and begin to produce such a car.

«It was an unprecedented case. When we looked out the window on passing cars, there were no tip for us, «the Alfonso Albais recalls, the then vice-president of the European Nissan Design Center, about the beginning of work on the first JUKE. «The whole task of the European team of designers and designers was to re-open the idea of the crossover and bring the car to the market with a new design,» the then regional product manager adds to the market.

The work of the designers was supported by the success of Qashqai, the work on which they finished before. «We had more freedom to develop a product,» Burlenga recognizes, adding that the goal was to repeat the success of a larger Qashqai, only this time in the B segment. But the goal was not to create a reduced copy of Qashqai . On the contrary, Juke must completely differ from Qashqai.

The first generation of Qashqai turned out to be a rather rational car, which had no revolutionary design. In turn, Nissan Juke turned out to be a fairly extravagant car, including thanks to his unconventional conceived «nose».

«I remember how our concept looked next to Nissan Qashqai, a car that spawned the crossover segment. Qashaqi looked fresh, but Qazana’s concept (who received the name Juke) was amazing and so unlike,» recalls Leslie Basby, Nissan designer.

It was the concept of Nissan Qazana at the Geneva Motor Show in 2009 first hinted on the forms of the future small SUV, with the help of which the automaker tested the reaction of potential customers. And it was a real shock for the public.

«I remember well how the Qazan concept was adopted at the 2009 Geneva Motor Show. We told the press that we would go on a new way and that they should be expected to be unexpected. They did not believe us. But in 2010 we have shown the serial version. Everyone just watched With an open mouth, «says Designer Matthew Weaver.

New inspiration

Working on a novelty, designers were inspired and looking for new approaches. «Once I was sitting on the train and remembered how you saw a young man in a flat cap with a diamond skull, a brilliant T-shirt, a striped jacket and a sloppy jacket. It was a crazy combination. But if it suits people why it can not come to cars? To be different is good, it means stand out, «Matthew Weaver reveals the idea. Therefore, JUKE first should be different. But at the same time design should be effective. According to Weriver, individual elements are not an end in itself, but they have a reason — for example, the line in the front corner of the body passes through the front wheeled arches to the rear.

In the end, the unpromising design of the car was successful, and therefore the second generation followed him. «We stubbornly worked to keep the same innovative energy, but we developed it that the new JUKE would already become more mature,» Marco Phiorewanti, Vice President of Product Planning in the European Headquarters Nissan.

The second generation of Nissan Juke is thus based on the original style, but it became greater and more mature in general. Whether he will follow the achievements of his predecessor, still have to find out. In any case, due to much wider competition, he has a heaving position than the first JUKE.