Stands of contactless control and adjustment of the angles of the wheels of the car «Techno Vector 8»


Immediately several innovative technologies have found their use in the advanced development of the company «Technocar» — contactless stands of control and adjustment of the angles of plating the vehicles of the vehicle «techno vector 8».

Recall, the Technocar company has been engaged in the production of benches of the disorder «technovector» and their selling of more than 55 countries around the world.

The main feature of the contactless stands of the «techno vector 8» is that the measurement of the scattering occurs without the installation of wheel adapters and targets, with minimal participation of the master — the machine is enough just to drive between the projection system measuring blocks. At this time, the surfaces of the wheels occurs, and the resulting images are processed to calculate the exact position of each vehicle wheel.

The result of the measurement in real time is recorded on the monitor and determines the need to provide further services for adjusting the corners of the wheel installation.

Contactless stands are available in several configurations for various purposes of use and installation options:

• Tehno vector8 VELOX is a stand for a quick high-precise contactless diagnostic of the scattering (models for simultaneous measurement of the front and rear axle and for alternate measurement).

• «Techno Vector 8» — for a quick high-precision contactless measurement and adjusting the corners of the installation of wheels (models for use on the «pit» and in the lift).

Thanks to innovation, among which WideScope technology is a wide-angle system of machine view, as well as a 3D scanning of each wheel in real time, non-contact stands «techno vector 8» allow you to measure the angles of the car’s wheels in seconds.

Stands «Techno Vector 8» are produced in Tula, the necessary accessories are always in stock, and service specialists will come to help in any situation. The option of remote connection to the stand is very helpful: the diagnostics of the equipment is carried out via the Internet, without the need to leave the manufacturer’s specialists.

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