Skoda — Forward!


As you know, in the German concern Volkswagen there is a constant rotation of frames. This is the company’s company style in which the top management should change the place of work every five years. The Chef of the Czech subsidiary automaker Skoda AUTO has recently changed. The head of the Czech brand was Thomas Schäfer. After the first 100 days of work in the company, he gave the first interview, which revealed the plans of the Czech automaker.

For Czechs, the main novelty of the next year will be the new fourth generation of Skoda Fabia. Compact Hatchback C-class is designed primarily for the European market. We can not wait for it in Russia. Since the younger model on the Russian market was Skoda Rapid.

Regarding the new Fabia Chef Skoda Auto noted that the debut and the start of the car sales will take place in the first months of the next year. It is noteworthy that Skoda Fabia will have only internal combustion engines. Thomas Schäfer noted that «electric versions will not initially, they would be too expensive.»

As for the «green direction», then the new Chef Skoda noted: «Reduction of emissions is (unfortunately) inevitably, we like it, or not. I believe that in the Czech Republic will produce cars with two types of drive: with internal combustion engines and electrical in one model. We do not have another alternative to fulfill the requirements of the new green rules of the European Union. In the medium and dreary perspective, we will have an electric future future. We must critically review the previous plans, we thought we had a lot of time to adjust the requirements. We must consider which models we need. Skoda should develop the infrastructure of the network charging stations. We will talk about this with the Czech government and private investors. «

Interestingly, Thomas Schäfer spoke about the positioning of the Skoda brand. We do not intend to be competitors of the Romanian brand Dacia (a subsidiary budget brand Renault). «This is a big misconception to the Czech brand of a competitor,» said Schäfer.

«The top management of Volkswagen believes that the Czech automaker has the greatest growth potential within the VW group. A high responsibility for the entire concern in Russia, North Africa and India was entrusted to the Young Schäfer, «North Africa,» said Thomas Schäfer.

And another passage about Russia. Skoda AUTO has insufficient production facilities in the Czech Republic. We would be satisfied if they were 120 thousand cars a year more. We need to decide where new capacities for the production of Skoda KodiaQ and Superb models will be. The necessary potential must be found on the factories abroad, in India or Russia. You can also use other capacity within the Volkswagen concern.

In general, the new head of the Czech brand, as we see, a lot of interesting ideas and thoughts. How he will incarnate them, for this he has five years.