Service solutions from Delphi Technologies for direct injection systems


Delphi Technologies Aftermarket expands the offer for the full service of Hyundai and KIA car service equipped with a GDI fuel injection system. The proposal includes a complex of pumps and nozzles, which are established as original equipment (OE) by more than 3 million popular Korean cars.

In addition, more than 3.9 million popular PSA GROUP cars also received the GDI offer as OE. The offer also includes training, advanced diagnostics, testing and cleaning, maintenance, directories and databases.

In this regard, it is impossible not to mention the test equipment. Take for example the Excalibur GDI Master device. This is the Plug and Play test stand, which is capable of testing electromagnetic and piezoquorms at once two technologies at once — GDI and PFI.

Another breakthrough is a comprehensive service solution for the MULTEC®-14 350 bar direct injection system. The system was launched in 2017 and for the first time in the industry increased injection pressure 200 bar to 350 bar to achieve EURO 6D and China 6 emission standards. Originally introduced as OE, this service technology began to go to the secondary market in independent technical center.