Second breathing: new arrival centers in the current car service


Net profit from 80% of car services approaches zero

We have extensive experience with car service and auto repair enterprises: teach mechanics, diagnostic, managers, open repair posts and car services from scratch.

For the past 3 years, we see that the net profit of many car services approaches zero, and some even work in minus — if we take into account the depreciation of the equipment, past investments in the repair of buildings and risks of companies. It forces the owners to look for new approaches to customers (to increase the loading of lifts), improve the quality of services and control, enter the means of automation and improve the software, rejuvenate from competitors.

One of the possible solutions is to expand the spectrum of the services provided, the opening of new repair posts or deepening work at the expense of new equipment and knowledge. With this approach, the client receives more services in one place, and the service is more work and money. For the client, it is more convenient: it goes to be serviced in one proven service. He entered his gearbox — do not look for a special technical center, it is enough to contact «your». The same applies to turbines, Common Rail systems, batteries, engines.

It turns out such growth: on car washes you can select the place and create a separate post of diagnostics and minor repairs. Tire Services can fully maintain brakes and running part, universal services — carry out in-depth diagnostics and repair of units.

For example, from hundreds of car serviceers only one or two offered to evaluate the wear of the battery

Another example is an assessment of the quality of the brake fluid.

You can have a professional device for 30,000 rubles, and you can easily — for 1500 rubles. Any of them increases the professional level of the vehicle in the eyes of customers, and each third client agrees with the proposal to replace the liquid. Moreover, it should be changed every 2 years — and it is rarely doing it. As a result, we get and download the service, and care for the safety of the client.

And another example — the availability and use of the oscilloscope

Before disassembled the engine, it is possible through special programs to estimate the correctness of the operation and the state of the valves in the GBC, the correctness of the installation of the labels in the system of the gas distribution mechanism, compression. This reduces time loss and increases accuracy when troubleshooting. The oscilloscope will help evaluate the performance of the ignition coil without connecting to them. Oscilloscopes with sensor sets are available from 15,000 rubles.

ACAP repair post

And here

Of course, the discussed growth is tied to personnel training and, first of all, the leader. Prejudice that there are no frames on the market, and the equipment will require large investments, no longer justified as 10 years ago. Specialists can be prepared, and our center is professionally engaged in this for many years. There are accelerated learning technologies, when we train a new direction in repair for a week and then we help remotely. Thanks to this approach, the staff can be returned quickly enough.

SMART Center offers an integrated approach

We have already been collected and ready for shipping to any region sets of equipment: for mobile traffic of the diagnostic (3 options), to repair automatic transmission (2 options), to work with Common Rail diesel systems (2 options). Employee training in intensive format will allow you to quickly implement a new service and get the support of our center.

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