Old familiar scooter.

Almost 10 years ago, in China, this low-speed electric car (and in fact the scooter is an electric vehicle) strongly changed: got up on 4 wheels and acquired new external forms similar to a passenger car. Little of. For him, they developed their own standard as for a low-speed four-wheeled electric vehicle.

The name «low-speed» is defining here. Because now in China, 2 types of electric vehicles are distinguished — the electromotive itself differs from the passenger electric drive, and the low-speed electric vehicle (former scooter).

What is the difference between them?

Battery difference

Currently, electric vehicles use lithium batteries.

So that they worked longer, they are all over-overall in size and heavy by weight. The battery industry is developing, and now the 1000-kilometer mileage of the electric car on one charging is not surprised!

Low-speed electric vehicles (or in old, scooters), which evolved from the first electric vehicles, use lead-acid batteries. These batteries are also constantly being improved, more environmentally friendly and effective. Mileage on one charging in low-speed electric vehicles is usually about 100 km, and some of them are less than several tens of kilometers.

This difference is crucial in the price issue. Because most low-speed electric vehicles, the accumulator cost is half the cost of a lithium battery of full-fledged electric vehicles. And this affects the cost of an electric vehicle as a whole.

Speed difference

Modern electric vehicles are so progressive that even bypassed many fuel vehicles by overclocking time to 100 km. If you compare the speed of movement in a straight line, the electric vehicles develop speeds similar to fuel vehicles. And only at very high speeds the advantage of fuel cars is more obvious.

Low-speed electric vehicles are very different here. Behind. I don’t even talk about acceleration from zero to hundreds, because the scooter has a speed limit below 50 km / h (according to EU standard, even less than 45 km / h)

Electric car is suitable for high-speed roads (barrier-free) driving. Where traveling distance does not exceed 1000 km. Quickly charged, it may well replace the fuel car.

Low-speed electric vehicle has limited speed. His range of his trips is measured by short distances. If you need to go too far, the car is useless: intermediate charging takes a lot of time.

Electric car and low-speed electric car is actually two different models, although they look very similar. After the introduction of the standard on a low-speed four-wheel electric car, it became necessary to officially register the vehicle, make a driver’s license and insurance.

Despite the fact that the low-speed electric car appeared more than 10 years ago, he is still new. But society already feels the growing need for it. It is convenient and comfortable to use as personal transport in urban traffic, logistics, in the municipal garage.


Low-speed electric cars have an advantage in a short journey, meet the needs of many people in old age.